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A well-run, energetic, and motivated committee is the secret to success. Regular meetings will need to be scheduled, at first monthly, then every two weeks as the deadline approaches. The aims and objectives of the activity should be discussed during the first committee sessions. If at all possible, seek guidance and expertise from the committees from the prior year. Encourage as many people as you can to join the committee or declare their support for it. As soon as your fair committee is established, assign particular duties to each member. A date is the most crucial beginning point. Consult with nearby schools or organisations that may be hosting similar events. You don’t want your date to interfere with a comparable event being hosted by a different nearby school. You must also make sure that on that day, your school is not taking part in any significant away-from-school athletic activities. Make sure you’re not scheduled around major sporting events like championships. Make a map of the grounds or hall and mark the locations of each stall. Take note of the variety of stalls. It is preferable to keep your Fair to a specific area rather than taking over the entire property. By doing this, you keep your audience moving past your booths. Too much dispersion can result in lost business. Select a location with decent, level plots and, if available, electricity. A map can be distributed to attendees as they enter the fair on the day of the event so they can quickly find the stall they’re looking for. The use of erp full form therefore can be of great use to the students. Publicity is a crucial component; it’s crucial to inform the neighbourhood of your message. Designate a publicity officer to publicise the occasion. In general, local newspapers offer free publicity for events. Invite students from nearby schools. Look around your school for people who have connections in the media or PR, as well as printing companies for posters. Consider whether there might be a significant reward for attending.

A significant marketing tool for school families is the school newsletter. Include a separate sheet just for promoting the fair. Start early and use a new colour of paper each week to advertise a different stall. Professional gatherings like webinars and conferences may seem frightening. But if you want to expand your network, they’re worth going to.

A secure space must be designated for the collection and counting of money. Typically, the office area of the school. You must have a locked space available. When properly planned, school fairs, fairs, and festivals can raise substantial sums of money. You can get coins and money bags from your bank. Even the availability of a coin counting machine might be possible. Make floats accessible to stall owners before the Fair starts. New parents at the school might have fresh perspectives. Look for companies that are owned by the institution. Before the start of the fair, all things should be priced. Prices should typically be a little less than what a shop would charge for a comparable item. Don’t modify prices until late in the day. It can be chosen to lower prices toward the close of the fair to encourage speedy sales. You should talk to the fair coordinator about this. Always ask businesses if they will offer stock on consignment; doing so will prevent you from having extra inventory at the end of the day and from having to lower prices. Before your event, allow at least two months for awareness and planning. This will make it easier for your staff and the families that could attend your event to arrange appropriately. You can send out follow-up emails that serve as event reminders. One month before the open house, send them out. They can be reminded once again a week or two beforehand. During the open house, adhere to the schedule. Don’t just let your parents go about the open home unsupervised or without asking them why they’re there. The presentation you produced will be helpful since parents will want to learn more about your school. For them, organise and host an informational workshop and to do it easily make use of institute erp as well. 

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