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Regardless of the fact if you are an avid runner or you have just started running, you need to aid your body with a practice that boosts physical and mental strength. This is just what yoga provides. Yoga is a practice that enhances the physical strength and provides mental benefits with reduced stress, much better balance and enhanced flexibility.

Additionally, these benefits make yoga one of the best cross training workouts. Running impacts the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles in a major way. In case the muscles are not strong then it can lead to rigorous injury or an imbalance as well. Yoga increases the range of motion and assists in improving the mental focus, endurance and mobility.

Making yoga a part of your daily fitness routine has multiple benefits than you can ever think of. One of the best ways is to join the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to get the best out of yoga. In this article, we will list down some of the reasons in which yoga can help a person to become a better runner. Go through each of these reasons to gain a better clarity about the benefits of yoga.

  1.       YOGA STRENGTHENS THE MUSCLES: Running is an activity that includes using muscles over and over again. Almost all the muscles get used in different positions while a person runs. Yoga helps in strengthening those muscles by developing the stability and strength across the hip area which is extremely essential for running and extending the chronically shortened tissues. More often than not, the muscles of runners are found to be stressed and stiff. The body tries to compensate while putting much more stress on the skeletal system. This creates an imbalance and makes the muscles weaker which are then prone to pain or injuries. Runners mostly move in the forward direction and yoga focuses on the movement of body along different planes, from one side to another, top to bottom, front and back, etc.
  2.       IT HELPS IN BETTER BREATHING: Since yoga is one of the most significant aspects of Hatha yoga, better breathing nourishes and guides the asana is a much enhanced way. With the help of conscious breathing a person becomes more and more aware of the sensations in the body. Slower breathing relaxes the body and faster breathing energizes the body. After running for a long distance or completing a sprint, a person can start breathing to regain a relaxed state or start to feel much more focussed and alert. Controlled breathing increases oxygen intake and helps in reducing the performance anxiety.
  3.       YOGA IMPROVES THE RUNNING: Yoga can lead in much better overall running performance because the core strength which is gained with the help of regular yoga stabilizes the body, strengthens the lower back and the abdominal muscles help in much improved running. Yoga helps in strengthening all muscles but the maximum emphasis is on the stability of the hips which proves to be very useful for running. Yoga classes, most importantly the ones that are targeted for the runners help in improving the flexibility of the body immensely. Since many runners contract the upper body while pumping their arms and breathing deeply, yoga helps in elongating the muscles and relaxing the upper trunk.
  4.       YOGA ENHANCES THE FLEXIBILITY: Yoga is not just helpful in better running but it also helps in stretching which is important for runners. It is the best way to stretch the muscles in a way that the body relaxes completely. In addition to increasing the flexibility it also helps in improving the length and speed of the muscles. With that being stated, it must also be noted that overstretching is not recommended in any circumstances especially before running. Rather, the runners should practice yoga post running to stretch the muscles and tissues. Although many runners depend on yoga to become flexible, research says that better strength and range of motion is much more important for the runners.
  5.       YOGA HELPS IN MAINTAINING BETTER BALANCE: In addition to enforcing better balance in the body, yoga also helps in balancing the mind. It helps people to look after their bodies and maintain a balance of training while also giving importance of resting and healing.
  6.       YOGA ENFORCES BETTER POSTURE: A significant foundation for bringing about efficient movement in running is maintaining a right posture. Yoga helps in elongating the spine without adding any extra tension. Alignment is the most important thing in yoga and as a person learns to stand taller and stronger without any tension, a good posture ensures that the running is productive.
  7.       BETTER BACK HEALTH: Facing chronic back pains is a common problem that is faced by many runners. Right from constant impact faced on the legs to the back of a person, running can cause strain. Yoga helps in stretching the muscles which further prevents serious problems like back pain or spinal disc problems.
  8.       ELIMINATES STRESS: Yoga controls feelings, which is helpful to stay composed in the moments of uneasiness. Figuring out how to function through extraordinary postures can be a great deal like persevering through a since quite a while ago run. Unwinding and reflection methods in yoga help to clear the psyche of stress, empowering a superior evenings rest to take into consideration a reasonable outlook preceding a major occasion. Through yoga you develop improved fixation and the capacity to defeat the conscience, figuring out how to acknowledge the body and mind you have on the day and just drive it to the extent it will go.


Yoga provides a great way for the runners to stay fit and make the most out of their running routine. The runners can follow the yoga routines taught in the yoga teacher training  India to use yoga for their benefits. In addition to maintaining a good physical health, it will also be able to help in enforcing mental wellbeing. 

Author Bio:- Devakar Sandhu is one of the most passionate yogis and avid travellers. Working with Ekam Yogashala, he aims to spread the divine knowledge of yoga amongst as many people as possible.  Ekam Yogashala holds many types of yoga events like that of yoga teacher training in India, yoga retreats, yoga workshops, etc. The primary aim of Devakar is to help people evacuate anxiety, strain and undesirable contemplations by adjusting an all encompassing and customary way of thinking, growing one’s very own consciousness, and by utilizing its technique for training. You can interact with Devakar through his website:https://www.ekamyogashala.com/

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