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If you have thought about selling your used car then you can use this service cash your car uae and also follow these simple tips to improve its condition and appearance for the resale value. You will get better price for it. It will not be necessary that you spend a lot of money so that your used or second hand car improves in all the senses. In this way, at the time of putting it on sale, not only will the new buyer be more satisfied, but your car will increase its value, which will directly affect your pocket.

Wash Your Car Thoroughly

If you can do it by hand and putting your five senses, better than better. Do not settle for roller washing. Go through the whole body with a microfibre cloth. Do not forget to clean the door frame, including the hinge area: it looks like it cannot be seen, but when it is cleaned it shows. Also review the tires – there are specific products for them – and take a look at the wheels, both sides and tread.

Touch the Interior Of Your Car

If it is impeccable when you present it to the new buyer, you will already have a lot of livestock. A vacuum cleaner, glass cleaner, some product for plastics and a good supply of time and cloths will be useful. Be patient and clean thoroughly, including the trunk. And do not forget to give a review of the plastics: there are products with dyes that leave them as new. The work must also include the tapestries, a vaporeta works wonders with the fabric ones; although you can always use dry foam. If they are leather, neutral soap and rub.

The Minireparations Begin:

First, the body. It is true that perhaps what you have found requires the intervention of a professional planer and then it will be much more expensive to leave it as new, of course – but it is more likely that you have found some defects in the bumpers, scratches on doors or fins, even some small chipping on the edge of those doors by touches against the walls … Well, do not despair. Start by grabbing the polish pot, a quick, cheap and almost miraculous solution with many small spots. If that is not enough? Look in your car for the reference of the painting – in many cases, it is in the engine compartment and, with it, buy a touch-up brush at the dealership, although you can also find them in the shops of the branch. It is important that it be exactly the same color, even if the body is already off. Also include varnish, otherwise the paint will last until you wash it again.

Attentive To The Trunk Of Your Car

We have all thought on more than one occasion that the space of the trunk could give more of itself and we have removed the tray to take advantage of the space to the fullest. Attentive to the condition of the mats and walls because, any imperfection in this sense, provides arguments to the buyer to negotiate the price.


The Detail Makes The Difference In Each Car:

There are wear and tear derived from the use itself that we cannot control, such as the steering wheel or gear lever, but we can take care of some details so as not to devalue the car excessively. How many times have you used the cigarette lighter plug to recharge your phone or play music? Sure many, to the point of losing track to the lighter itself … If you sell it with him, your car is worth 30 euros more.


We advise you that if the steering wheel is made of leather it is worn, it will be retapices -from 100 to 150 euros-; replace the pedals, which hardly cost -from 10 to 20 euros the game- and its change gives a spectacular result even though it seems that you do not see -in step, your foot will slip less- or that you look for new mats.


Be careful, of course, with smoking inside the car, not only because you will have less chance of selling it, but because you can damage the upholstery, causing it to drastically lose its value.



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