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Choosing the right service provider is usually difficult. There are many factors to consider before entering into such a partnership. In the IT industry, in particular, the choice is large and the subject is complex. We have a lot of experience in choosing supporters. On the one hand, we also choose service providers again and again, and on the other hand, we convince interested parties of our qualities. We would like to share our experience and knowledge with you so that you always make the right choice! When choosing your IT service provider,

Below are tips about choosing IT Service Provider For My Company

Know what you want

Many IT conversations only scratch the surface. So it always helps to know what you really want. Make your needs clear and narrow down the IT topic as best you can. Prepare yourself well for the initial interview and ask the right questions. It is also a good sign if the best IT service providers ask you a lot of questions. Any answer that you can give him here is valuable for further cooperation.

Take a look at work samples and talk to reference customers

Take a very close look at the references of the system house. Which project was implemented for which company? On the one hand, you get a feeling for the previous work and can check whether the provider already has real experience in your area. Do not hesitate to ask for reference projects! This is the only way to ensure that you do not fall into inexperienced hands. But what really counts in the end is the professionalism and know-how of the service provider.

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The feeling has to be right

The starting point for a possible collaboration with a system house should always be a personal meeting. Pay particular attention to how a service provider behaves towards you. Does the other person listen correctly in the first conversation? Does he take enough time to respond to your requirements and ideas? Let the potential contractor explain a typical project process to you. How is it done? If the service provider uses as many impressive technical terms as possible, this may impress at the beginning and give the impression that he knows what he is talking about. However, after the initial interview, you shouldn’t have more questions than answers. It is important that you speak the same language.

Pay attention to quality

To make sure that you are dealing with an experienced system house, you should definitely pay attention to certificates and reviews. If the service provider attaches great importance to high quality, the expertise should be proven with certifications. Actively ask about qualifications in the respective area.


In the end, it’s always about the money. This is often the deciding factor in whether or not there is a collaboration. However, other factors also play a major role. For example, you can often see a written offer from a system house to see whether they know what they are talking about.

By the way: If a service provider submits a detailed offer, this speaks for the provider for another reason. Because creating a detailed offer takes time. Much time. And even with smaller projects. The design and level of detail of an offer accordingly often say something about the effort that a service provider makes. And thus also something about the motivation that a system house brings with it with regard to your potential order.

But finally, be realistic about costs good performance simply costs money. You know that yourself best. Your products or services also have their price.

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