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Purple tree comes up with the offering of an extension on Opencart, which would allow people to make an Android App from its website. The extension is known by the name of Mobile Application for Opencart Multivendor. The supported version of opencart for this is 3.x. The kind of platform, this extension supports is Android, which makes it ideal for all those who are fascinated about it to go ahead and have an Android app from the website of Opencart.

People who wish to make an Android App from Opencart must visit the extension developed by PurpleTree Software. Then, they should be very particular about the kinds of features that the mobile application will provide them with.


The features, which an admin can make use of in the Android Application include:

  • Will Support Opencart Multi-Vendor Extension:

The Android Mobile Application would support the Opencart Multi Vendor Extension. It carries the features of both buyers as well as the seller, which would provide assistance to them in more than one way.

  • White Label Application:

It is a full white label application that contains only the name of the brand, along with the name and its logo. This helps in providing clarity and allows anyone to give out a clear cut message.

  • OpenCart Website Offers All The Data:

Each and every information comes from one’s existing website of OpenCart. Moreover, the mobile application also adds its own data as well by making use of the admin section of OpenCart.



  • The Android Mobile App Is Hybrid:

It is a hybrid mobile application. If one has the source code, then it can get launched on all the platforms, which include Apple Store, Google Play Store, Windows Store etc.

  • Display Of Products On The Home Page:

The Home Page also offers a whole array of the products that are featured on the platform. This helps the buyers as well as the sellers to understand exactly how the kinds of items to grab the attention of one another.

  • Icons Of Categories:

The icons of all the categories get displayed on the home page, through which one can aim to take note of the things on offer. Then the decision can be taken in an appropriate manner

  • Customized Logo:

One of the features also happens to be the customized logo of one’s business, which would easily send the message as to what they deal in.

  • Page On Product Details:

There is a page that contains all the details regarding the products on display, which assist buyers to make proper judgments before going ahead to buy them.

How To Publish The Application?

PurpleTree Software will build the application on behalf of the client, who is in need of it and move ahead to publish the same on Play Store.

Just like in case of Magento Multi Vendor Extension, where before installing it, in case of any problem, anyone can open up a ticket with PurpleTree Software’s helpdesk, similarly in case of an Android App, after the purchase, they can open up a ticket from the helpdesk and PurpleTree would provide people with their branded mobile application.

One needs to have the OpenCart v3 based website that already exists. If one does not have that, the setup can be done as an additional task.

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