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best web design trends best web design trends

Are you willing to launch a new business website? You know there are tons of amazing websites out there. Just imagine the level of competition you will have with all the other websites. The website development is inexpensive and not time taking at all. The main essence of a successful website is not only its outlook but how it is pertinent to the business goals are what matters at the end. You can’t imagine how arduous it is to do. Leading visitors to make conversions is the most challenging thing. The increased bounce rate is another distressing factor. The increased bouncing rate means a vast number of visitors are leaving your website without interacting with any content or web element.

The designers are required to design a web element that is alluring and make visitors engaged. The web design trends keep on changing constantly, so it is crucial to keep your website updated by integrating advanced elements. So when hiring a designer, make sure that he/she is well aware of the latest web design trends. The professional web designers keep an eye on modern elements, styles, and patterns and are capable of making it stand out from the crowd. Let’s take a look at top web designing trends of 2019.

Grid and asymmetrical layout

The asymmetrical layout referred to an unequal balance between both sides of a structure. The shapes and structures aligned unequally are designed to create harmony and to grab attention. Pulling off these kinds of layouts is quite daunting. It takes proper planning and requires fabrication of perfect unbalanced arrangement of elements to come up with an exciting and thought-provoking design project. If you divide the layout into different sections, then each section should represent a different hierarchy of texture or components.

The grid layout incorporates horizontal and vertical lines, and the content gets settled in a plane. The designers tend to fabricate possible patterns that are appropriate to their styles. The important thing is one must know how to use the grid. It requires a keen eye on the structure and hierarchy of getting things aligned.

A successful web design company requires a team of web design professionals who are expert in creating multiple types of user layouts that involve great complexity and deep understanding of making user layout more appealing. Go Gulf Dubai is the best example of having a professional web design team.


The micro-interactions are introduced to provoke emotional stimuli and to attract attention. The particular response you receive upon interacting with elements or content of a webpage or application. It could be a short CSS based animation, specific sound, or changed texture or image. The developer can integrate these interactions anywhere he/she find it suitable. These small interactive elements are introduced by designers to allow maximum user engagement.


The minimalism design refers to a smooth and straightforward layout with a limited number of elements. The fewer components make it easy for your audience to take quick decisions. It’s been a long since minimalism concept has been introduced in the web design. Now in 2019 still its significance hasn’t been reduced, and designers prefer to stay away from making their web design layout complex. The minimalism design allows maximum usability, as the user can easily find out what he/she is looking for. The content gets well settled, and there is more whitespace, prominent color balance, and contrast, which makes the website elegant and effective.


Animations hold a massive power without utilizing excessive resources which impacts the website’s usability. The animations are often introduced as micro-interactions to allow smooth user experience. Creating animations is considered as the most challenging part of the web design process. This requires a solid storyline with the technological expertise of executing it through particular software. The animations are quite trendy these days and are expected to be a significant web design element in upcoming years.

Abstract design

The piece of art that depicts fine details holds a deep meaning within itself. More than that it appears alluring and has the worth to grab the attention of maximum users. The abstract illustrations offer a deep personal connection that acts as emotion triggering elements. Abstract art is one of the leading web design trends with specific aesthetics and ideal expression of emotions fabricated distinctively.

The intriguing abstract images hold a bunch of ideas and emotions shaped in a piece of art. A designer often successfully delivers a perfect abstract image by creating a blend of multiple elements.


There are so many things happening in the web design industry that it is impossible to jot down everything. Many web design elements that became prominent in the recent year are still worthy in the current year. To make your website stand out and to make it more professional, it is significant to keep up with modern design trends.

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