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Motorcycle Intercoms

Average Size and Design Features

To understand the functionality of motorcycle intercoms, it is necessary to distinguish the products on sale in the market in two macro categories: those that work with the wire and those that instead connect via Bluetooth.

The motorcycle intercom with the wire has lower prices, but it is certainly less comfortable to use. These models are connected directly to the motorcycle battery, so they have a very long autonomy and there is no need to charge them independently. They are less practical than wireless models as they connect the driver’s helmet and the passenger’s helmet via the cable. In no case can these products allow connection with the passengers of another motorcycle.

On the other side, the motorcycle intercom with Bluetooth allows you to communicate not only with your passenger, but also with other motorcycle riders as well within a certain distance. Models of this type also allow you to listen to music by connecting to an MP3 player, a tablet, and to take advantage of the GPS navigator.

Alongside these two main types, there are also acoustic intercoms. They are fairly basic models whose operation is based simply on the transmission of sounds that occurs through the tubes that connect the two helmets. Also this model can only be used to connect rider and passenger on the same bike.

Average size of the intercom for the bike: These objects, given their intended use and their function, are all characterized by very small dimensions and a weight of a few tens of grams. The best motorcycle intercom is the one that can be worn without creating a hindrance, especially for the rider, if the earphones are present they will be small so as not to prevent wearing the helmet comfortably.

Even the extra parts, such as control units and Bluetooth elements, will have dimensions of a few centimeters, and reduced weight to adapt to the motorcyclist, without creating a footprint or a problem to be solved. One element that can vary a lot is the microphone. Generally the models with the rod are applied to non-integral helmets, while those without, are applied inside the chin guard using adhesive or velcro.

Motorcycle intercom design features: With the development of new technologies, we are facing a constantly evolving sector, which is becoming more and more performing, smaller and lighter. Probably the first intercoms will seem obsolete compared to more modern models, and above all the new functions available today were once unthinkable.

On sale there are intercoms for motorcycles of many brands and different prices. Most of them come in black or gray. The most modern earphones have an ergonomic shape that adapts perfectly to the ears, and with silicone inserts that increase grip and fit, but also comfort. This aspect should not be underestimated, given that especially for long motorcycle trips, the earphones must be kept in the ears for a long time and if they are uncomfortable they can cause discomfort. One of the main producers worldwide called Eye-Lights LLC (French Company) offers the highest quality, range and battery autonomy intercoms which are also certified by the European Union among others.

In some cases the ear elements will be fixed to the helmet, without therefore having to be introduced into the ears. Also important is the design of the microphone which will have to combine good performance with ease of use, together with a space-saving shape. The best microphones will be equipped with protective elements or equipped with technologies to reduce wind and road noise, while allowing the voice to be transmitted clearly and without disturbance.

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