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Parents have become the new teachers at home. Parents now assist in online learning for kids which can be daunting and stressful at times but fulfilling whenever the child reached another learning milestone. They set effective time management for every task at work, household chores, and even for their children’s schooling. To make this learning experience best for the kids, here are some tips in helping them to adapt online learning from home.

Avoid Distractions

Make sure to make the space for online learning quiet, clutter-free, well-ventilated, and has good lighting. It is important to set the mood of the environment because kids would need to focus on the lesson at hand. Also, it is a good idea to keep away gaming gadgets, tangible toys, and food around the study area. Make your kids understand that there is time for everything. They will have playtime and break time after the schoolwork is done.

Establishing a Daily Routine

Time management is always the best technique in accomplishing tasks in a day. It also helps best in online learning for kids to be consistent and productive daily. For example, morning time will be allotted to learning word spelling and counting, while in the afternoon there are artworks and garden activity. Developing a learning discipline for your kids is one key to success in early education. As parents, you need to determine what schedule will work best for your kids. You may set rules and be flexible in creating online learning schedules at home.

Have Brain Breaks in Between

According to studies, young children need a quick break every after 5 to 25 minutes worth of tasks. It depends on the attention span of your child. Setting brain breaks in between the online learning time can help in focusing and retention. It will reduce stress and prevent anxiety for your kids. At the same time, it brings balance to the routine, so the kids will still appreciate that learning is easy and fun even at home.

Provide Positive Feedback

Receiving reinforcement and reassurance from teachers are sometimes forgotten in regular schooling. Because of the number of students to assist in learning, these essential gestures like compliments are often forgotten. During online learning time with your kids, the attention is not divided with other ten students. As their parents, make sure to provide positive feedback to their excellent work or even just finishing their task on time. Surely, it is a big factor for kids learning motivation.

Give Rewards for Motivation

Similar to providing positive feedback, building a reward system during online learning at home motivates the kids to do the best in their study time. Giving them five stars stickers or stamps for a perfect score is a big thing for kids. For others, the rewards system is negotiable, especially for age around 7-9. Usually, they will suggest the reward for them like extended playtime outside or use of their gadgets. It is best to get them involved in planning because they will be more accountable in doing their best.

In conclusion, the support that parents can give has power over the progress of the children’s online learning motivation and performance. Hence, exerting an extra effort on using appropriate material, creating a study schedule, and rewards will be a great help.

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