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There is a frame that is placed in the center of the Hoverboard. In each wheel, there are motors and sensors which detect the speed, and in-addition to this the tires also include the tilt angle. Gyroscopes get the signal from the tilt angle in the wheels and relay that signal on to the logic board, this all-time the board is upright. Under each footpad, there are some switches which enable the LED infrared lights, and then that triggers the sensors. If the feet of the riders are flat, then the lights remain on, this will give the signal to the logic board that the motor should remain still and keep the board still. If the rider leans forward, the foot pressure gets off, and the light gets off this will move the bike in the forward direction, and it happens when logic boards give the trigger. The motors of both the tires are independent. This allows the user to ride the bike in a circle and in any direction they want. The hoverboard under $100 also enables cuts and cross movements. 

The Wheel Sensors

The electric motor houses in the wheels of board, and they also contain the speed sensor that detects and control the speed of board; there is a tilt in the tires too. The speed sensors can detect each wheel’s rpm, which triggers the Gyroscope and then controls the speed of Hoverboard; this is right next to the wheel inside the body.

How does Hoverboard Balance itself?

The sensors in the wheels called Tilt sensors function to tell the Gyroscope, whether the person is leaning or standing on the board. This information then transferred to the logic board. And then this turns the board moving in the direction that you are leaning towards.

Gyroscope / Speed Controlling Board

This device, called Gyroscope gets the signal/speed at rpm and controls it. It gets the information from the sensors inside the wheels, and then they send the signal to the main logic board. While calibration, the board gyroscope is “Zeroed” this tells the Gyroscope that the board is flat, and hence the board tilt is at zero.

Main Logic Board

If we say that the logic board is “brain” or the main part of Hoverboard, this is right. This is where the speed, tilt, and the relative speed are all computed the real status of the board. This system also controls the power, whether the board system is at beginner mode or the device is locked.

The battery pack

The battery is the main and essential thing that keeps the board going and function. There are a lot of packs available in the market of batteries, but the majority of cases the packs are 36V 4400mAH. Sometimes the manufacturer makes the battery small to make the device cheap. 

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