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Top-up insurance can enable you avoiding excessive pressure created by excessive or unexpected medical-bills. Amount more than deductible can be easily compensated by this policy.

If your deductible or threshold limit of mediclaim-policy has crossed then only top up health insurance can help you in meting up additional medical-expenses. Therefore, if you have this insurance with you then you need not require worrying about your increased medical-bills.

Now, you do not have to make your savings exhausted as this insurance will act as your savior. Health-issues might occur at any point in life and if the issues become severe then hospitalization is very much needed.

Hospitalization often demands for a lot of expenses and in this scenario only this form of insurance can help you in paying out your medical-bills without any stress. You can also refer this insurance as a mediclaim-booster or health-booster insurance.

How this insurance plan works?

Top-up health insurance is no less than an add-on policy and thus it is usually taken along with normal mediclaim-policy. Only smarter fellows take the decision of taking this policy and this can cater them the chance of saving lots of money. Suppose, you have got an insured sum of about ten-lakhs out of which you are suppose to receive only five-lakhs for your medical treatment.

But somehow if your bill goes above five-lakhs then you might fall into a great problem and only top-up health insurance plan can pull you up from the concerned crisis condition. If your bill is eight-lakhs then rest three-lakhs will be provided by your top-up policy only. This example will definitely make you clear that why people should have a top-up policy apart from mediclaim one.

You should always keep this theory in mind that only if your medical-bills go beyond your deductible-amount then only you shall get the coverage from top-up plan. If the amount is exact or below deductible-amount then you will not require top-up coverage at all. Deductible is being represented by that amount that needs to be paid by policyholder before settlement of remaining bill by insurer.

Top-up health insurance policy should be purchased from the same insurer from whom you have taken the mediclaim so that both mediclaim and top-up claims can be settled easily together without any hassle. You have to remember that you can use both these claims together only for a single-hospitalization incidence.

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Only a single-member of your family is allowed to receive this outstanding facility at one incident of hospitalization only. If you want to understand more about the top-up policy-terms then you got to go through the insurance-papers thoroughly first. If you have any confusion then you can either ask your agent or else can raise the queries directly to your insurer.

If relapse occurs within 45-days from hospital discharge then it will be considered as single-illness. If after 45-days you again got admitted then it will be treated as a fresh medical-case. To be more precise, if you want to receive advantages under health insurance top-up plan then your deductible should get crossed at a single hospital-admit.

How to select the best top-up policy?

Selection of super top up health insurance plan is now very much important and it can be done in accordance of premium-amount. All benefits including features should be compared so that the best policy can be chosen without any confusion.


An eminent and experienced insurance-advisor can be reached for receiving valuable suggestions. You can even receive few special recommendations from your advisor as well. Until and unless you reveal your budget and requirement you advisor will not be able to provide you proper quotes. The major purpose covered by the decision of taking this insurance is to receive an extended, additional or stretched health-cover at absolutely reasonable cost.

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