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Chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and several types of cancers are increasing day by day resulting in the untimely death of a number of people every year. The sad truth is that our unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices are the main reasons for these diseases. A major part of these health disorders could be prevented by choosing a healthier lifestyle and through a proper diet.

Why You Need A Balance Diet

A balanced diet rich in nutrients, regular physical workouts and refraining from unhealthy habits like consumption of alcohol and smoking is essential for a person’s good health and this adds to the quality of our lives.

Obesity or unhealthy weight gain is the major cause of several health disorders. This is due to the consumption of junk food and drinks, or eating more than what is required for the body. The high intake of calories coupled with minimal or no physical activities has resulted in obesity and related health disorders in a huge number of people all around the world.

Hectic work schedules and related stress prevents most of the people from maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Lack of time and energy has become a major issue these days. If you belong to this category you can opt for the HCG diet plan which is one of the quickest ways for a person to lose weight without much effort. You don’t have to spend hours every day on physical workouts or at the gymnasium.

To maintain a healthy weight, you need to consume a wide variety of foods in the right proportions by understanding basic food science and nutrition concepts. Why is it important for a person to stick to a balanced diet?

Good For Your Overall Health

The essential nutrients in food ensure that your cells are protected and help in repairing the ones that are damaged. They also support the overall functioning on a daily basis. While the minerals and vitamins aid your bodily functions, fats, and carbs supply the energy required. Proteins are essential for a good immune system and to repair damaged tissues.

To keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy you require the right amounts of calcium. Potassium and sodium help in the transmission of signals from nerves. A balanced diet rich in nutrients ensures a good overall functioning of your body.

Prevents Weight Gain

Obesity or overweight is the major cause of several diseases including high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, fatty liver and several types of cancers. Eating a balanced and healthy diet in the right amounts helps you maintain a healthy body weight thereby preventing chronic health issues and premature death. Including plenty of vegetables and fruits rich in fiber in the diet and staying away from processed foods is essential for losing body weight.

Prevents Diseases

Consumption of processed food, junk food, sweetened drinks, and overeating often leads to obesity and related health issues like diabetes, several types of cancers, fatty liver, and heart disorders which are life-threatening. Likewise, lack of sufficient nutrients could also cause several health issues like osteoporosis, anemia, weakened nerves, and reduced levels of energy. A balanced diet with the right amount of nutrients helps a person stay energetic and healthy and prevents unwanted health disorders.

Gut Health Is Improved

The healthy microbes present in the colon are essential for good metabolism and proper digestion.  Certain strains of microbes also help in fighting harmful viruses and bacteria that attack your body. A diet rich in fibrous fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes helps the good microbes to thrive in the gut. Including food rich in probiotics like kefir, yogurts, kombucha, and kimchi helps in improving your gut health. A diet rich in fiber also increases bowel movements and prevents chronic intestinal and stomach disorders.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Consumption of unhealthy foods and overeating often causes indigestion, and bloating and disrupts your sleep pattern. Sleep apnea also hinders a person’s sleep and you wake up feeling tired and drowsy. Unhealthy food habits, consumption of alcohol and obesity are the major causes of sleep apnea. Sticking to a healthy diet and consuming the right amount of calories helps you to get a deep and restful sleep at night.

A good diet plan rich in vitamins, minerals, high-quality proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates in the right amounts is necessary to keep yourself healthy.  Cutting down the intake of sugars, unhealthy fats and salt and drinking plenty of water is also essential. A balanced diet with the right amount of calories is essential to maintain good body weight and to stay healthy.

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