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If you’re hoping to get more followers on Instagram, it’s important to understand what works for influencers. After all, they have millions of fans who love and trust them. If an influencer posts something, there’s a good chance their new Instagram followers will see it. 

So how do these social media stars keep their audience engaged? The answer is simple: They put out high-quality content that appeals to their target audience, they focus on engagement rather than solely numbers and they post often but don’t overdo it.

They Post High-Quality Content

To get more followers on Instagram, you need to post high-quality content. You should be posting something new and exciting every week. But don’t just post for the sake of posting; if you’re not sure what kind of photos or videos people would like to see from you, take some time to find out by doing some research and asking around!

Don’t post low-quality images and videos either–your followers will quickly lose interest if all they see are blurry or pixelated clips. And don’t forget about frequency: If someone visits your profile once every few months and sees that all their favorite posts are from six months ago (or even longer), they might think twice before following again in the future.

They Focus on Engagement

In order to get as many Instagram followers as possible, you have to focus on engagement. Engagement is a key metric for Instagram that measures how many people engage with your content and it’s important because it shows that your followers are interested in what you have to say. It also helps build relationships with your audience by showing them that their comments matter, which can lead to more people following you in the future.

They Focus on Visuals

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take a good photo. However, it’s important to remember that Instagram is an image-based platform, so you should use high-quality images and make sure they look their best.

  • Use filters: When you post an image on Instagram, there are several filters you can apply to give your photo a unique look and feel. If you’re not sure which ones work best for your photo (or if any of them do), try out different filters until one works well with both the content and colors of your image. You can even combine multiple filter effects together if needed!

  • Use good lighting: Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to taking great photos–and this rule applies whether or not someone else is in front of their camera screen at the same time as yours! If possible, try taking pictures during daylight hours when sunlight isn’t blocked by clouds; otherwise consider using household lamps or other artificial light sources instead because these tend not only provide better illumination but also reduce shadows across faces/objects which can otherwise spoil otherwise beautiful shots.”

They Don’t Overpost

The best way to avoid overposting is to schedule your posts. This will help you avoid the dreaded mistake of posting too much and getting unfollowed, which can be very discouraging.

If you post too often, people won’t want to follow you because they’ll feel like they never get a chance to see anything new from their feed. This is especially true when a person follows multiple influencers in one category (say beauty) or if they just don’t have time for all of the content being posted on Instagram every day. If someone doesn’t want all of these posts cluttering up their feed, they might just unfollow an account that’s producing too much content!

If you want to get more followers, you must focus on quality, engagement, visuals and not overposting.

  • Quality, engagement, visuals and not overposting.

  • Post funny captions and leave engaging comments.

  • Don’t post too often.

  • Don’t post the same thing twice in a row (unless it’s a contest or giveaway).

  • Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again–and don’t use hashtags that are too broad!



Influencers are very passionate about the work they do, and they want to share their passion with others. This is why they post high-quality content that their followers can relate to and engage with. If you want more followers on Instagram, then make sure your posts are engaging by using hashtags, commenting on other people’s photos or videos as well as liking them regularly so that others will notice your profile too!

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