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Adhesive films are used everywhere because of their enhancing and application flexibility. Not only do they bring stunning visual effects, but they also offer a fresh look to graphics and signages.

One of the primary uses of adhesive films is through the development of holographic vinyl. In general, high-quality holographic vinyl uses metalized adhesive films in the foil layer to provide a unique visual character.

A UV protectant laminates the vinyl and also has a top-coat to safeguard from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and ensure longevity. Recent estimates show that holographic films can last up to five years outdoors as a result of the advances in materials and manufacturing.

How Do Designers Cut A Holographic Vinyl?

Initially, designers at H&H Sign Supply will place the vinyl on the Cricut cutting mat and size images based on the preference of the client.

In most cases, the kiss cut is used to cut the vinyl because of its uncanny ability to penetrate the material and leave the liner in one piece.

During the cutting process, designers usually eliminate the liner from the transfer tape and strip away the vinyl liner at a 45-degree angle.

Likewise, they perform continuous burnishes to ensure that the images paste onto the transfer tape. Additionally, designers use the weeder and scraper on the Cricut tool to polish the tape onto the vinyl.

How To Find The Best Holographic Vinyl?

Always consider the design experience of the company in choosing a holographic vinyl. Opt for designers like H&H Sign Supply, which has a wide range of experience in developing exquisite vinyl patterns for Metal Flake or Sequins, Mosaic, Glitter, Crystal, and Rainbow.

Moreover, choose a holographic vinyl that comes in shades of silver, gold, emerald green, pink, and cherry red. Keep in mind that several studies reveal that red is effective in grabbing attention, specifically in traffic signages and advertising.

Alternatively, opt for tie-dye, chevrons, and zebra prints for something less metallic but with the bright color combination. Also, pick Cricut holographic vinyl for ease of application and removal during seasonal crafts and special occasions.

Holographic vinyl is useful in creating personalized decors, electronic device covers, and removable decors. Likewise, holographic vinyl is utilized on billboards and can be beneficial in promoting brand awareness to a targeted audience.

Calendared vinyl is usually 2.5 mils to 4 mils thick. Referred to as Short Term, Economy, or Intermediate films, the product is not conformable and doesn’t stretch as well. It is best for flat, simple surfaces. These films are less durable than cast and typically last 3-6 years.

Is Cricut Holographic Vinyl, Waterproof?

Perhaps the most significant benefit of choosing Cricut holographic vinyl is its waterproof capabilities, which enable anyone to install their signage anywhere.

What’s more, you can easily print on waterproof, holographic vinyl. It also does not need any pre-or post-printing processes to waterproof the composition or make the ink stay. Besides that, waterproof materials are built to absorb and hold the ink to prevent smudging or blurring and ensure a detailed and crisp appearance.

Best of all, waterproof vinyl has a specially-formulated plastic that is durable and impressively tear-proof. On top of everything else, the material can also deflect drops of moisture and remain intact for more extended periods.

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