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Today’s new norm is forcing businesses to adjust their operations in order to continue to meet consumer demands. This also includes how their products are packaged and labeled, which affects how consumers view them.

However, the challenge for companies is determining how they can continuously provide the most effective packaging and labels that will inspire ongoing sales, which they can do by staying on top of trends to help predict what’s next.

Some growing trends in packaging and labeling today include:

More Sustainable Packaging

Research shows that package materials play a huge role in consumer purchasing decisions.

For instance, products packaged in unlaminated, flat materials were shown to be viewed by people as being less premium than laminated packages.

Likewise, sustainable packaging helps brands stand out as responsible while also enabling consumers to make responsible purchasing decisions, which also helps increase sales.

One example of how businesses are doing this include using recyclable package materials from different sources, including paper and grains.

Many businesses are also using various engineering techniques for greater material efficiency during processing.

So determine your brand’s objectives and then find a labeling solution that provides the environmental benefits you stand for. You should also strive to continuously look for ways to incorporate inspiring new materials that help you relate to consumers.

Disruptive Packaging

With all the different products lining the store shelves, consumers are bombarded with choices; therefore, they often look for stand-out package features as a way to make a quick choice.

In fact, research shows that most purchase decisions are made within the first few seconds based on a product’s packaging and labeling.

Therefore, consider a disruptive package design to help you stand out among competitors and help make it easier for consumers to choose your product.

The design should also tell a story without using words, which also helps establish a relationship between your brand and customers.

Another way to create disruptive packaging is to provide straightforward information, which research shows also helps build trust with consumers.

In the end, just remember, your package and labeling can make all the difference between a sale or not.

Contactless Payment Systems

NFC systems enable consumers to make safe, touchless interaction between the printed information and your product materials.

Using near-field communication (NFC) technology, the consumer simply aims the reader at your tag to access all information concerning the product or other offerings. It can also be used to make contactless payments, such as Google Wallet.

One example of an NFC reader is a smartphone, which enables consumers to simply scan the barcode to retrieve information about the company’s offerings.

Some ways businesses are currently using NFC technology to provide contactless information is with their product labels. This way, consumers can learn about a product without ever having to remove it from the shelf.

Many businesses are also using NFC technology to incorporate omnichannel promotional campaigns into their labels.

Some restaurants are also utilizing NFC technology to enable customers to view their menus without ever having to handle the printed list.

Research shows that mobile device use is on the rise and is expected to continue to increase with consumers; therefore, you should also develop a strong mobile strategy to continue to meet consumer needs.

When incorporating NFC to help leverage your brand, take your time to employ a well-thought-out-solution, so it is more effective.

You should also continue to experiment with ways to incorporate NFC into your brand, which will help you stand apart from slow-moving competitors, as well.

By viewing retail labeling as a way to provide a unique brand experience for consumers, it can help ensure you stay on top of labeling trends to continue to experience growth.

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