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The typical life expectancy will differ from 5 – 60 years; how long do parrots live rely upon their variety, type, and their bondage, and climate. Given beneath are the most well-known sort of parrots and their expected life expectancy.

Sort of the Parrot Life Span (In Years)
Parakeets 5-15
Cockatiels 10-17
Macaws 30-60 ( Certain occurrences 60+)
Conures 10-25
Canary 10-25
Budgies 12-17
Lorikeets 15-25
African Grey 50+
Cockatoos 20-60
Finches 5-8
Love Birds 10-15
Meyer’s Parrots 25+
Red Fan Parrots 15-30
Gouldian Finch 5-7
Pionus 20-25
Caiques Parrots 30-50 (Certain occurrences 60 +)
Senegal Parrots 20-30
Amazon Large Parrots 50+ (Certain occurrences 60+)
Eclectus 30-60 (Certain occurrences 60+)
How Long Do Parrots Live-life length diagram
At the point when you examine the diagram, it is recognizable that the greater the parrot, the more life expectancy it has, and the more modest the bird’s life expectancy is more limited.
How Long Do Parrots Live As Pets
This is an interesting point truly do parrots live longer in bondage than live in normal natural surroundings. Research shows that parrots in all actuality do live more in bondage than in normal natural surroundings. That is around 15% – 20% more everyday routine anticipation than experiencing in nature. The principal reason is they don’t get presented to hunters, and they get great clinical consideration and food supply since they are raised as pets. Parrots living in the wild should confront contamination. Because of steady deforestation, they slowly lose their normal environment.A circumstance that a parrot residing in a home or a zoo won’t confront.

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