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Those who undergo breast augmentation often find a newfound sense of confidence in their bodies, having treated an area of former insecurity on their body. With this new confidence, those with newly undergone breast augmentation may have a strong desire and eagerness to show off their results and start jumping back into their fitness regime.

But one must have cautioned before they jump right back into exercise after breast augmentation, as dangerous complications can occur if proper healing does not take place before resuming physical activity.

But how long must one wait before exercising after breast augmentation?


Starting Light

It is important to ensure proper rest at the start of your recovery to prevent the risk of suture breakage, infection, implant rupture, bleeding, and more. This period lasts roughly a short period of 1-3 weeks, with an increasing amount of movability as the days progress. However, this does not mean you have to remain completely inactive, and light activity such as short walks and safe stretches (avoid strain on the chest) is encouraged during this time, as too much stationary activity can also cause recovery complications such as blood clotting. After 1-2 weeks, a patient should be able to begin gently lifting their arms above their head.

Be sure to listen to your body and cease any activity that causes you discomfort and pain.


Move to Light Cardio

After roughly three weeks and approval from your surgeon, light cardio may be resumed to help elevate the heart rate. These activities can include gentle paced treadmills or stationary biking (be wary of leaning too far forward, however, as this puts pressure on the chest).

Resuming these light cardio activities should help with increasing your blood flow and help you ease back further into physical activity in the upcoming weeks.

 It is still advised to avoid activities that put pressure on the chest at this point, such as lifting weights and push-ups.


Returning to all Physical Activities

Everyone heals at a different rate. Depending on how well your progress has healed or not healed, resuming full physical activities can take a person up to 4-6 weeks following their breast augmentation, assuming there have been no complications that may slow down the recovery timeline.

After the approval from your cosmetic plastic surgeon, you should be alright to resume most physical activities such as running, weightlifting, Pilates, yoga, and other strenuous activities. 

Though you may be eager to instantly jump back into your full lifting routine once you have your doctor’s approval, it is very important to start your exercises light then work your way back to your full strength. This will help to ensure any internal healing not visible to the eye is not put under too much strain instantly. 

The golden rule is to ensure you listen to your body and avoid any exerting or excessive motions if your body is warning you against them. Consult concerns about your recovery process; it is important that you consult with your cosmetic plastic surgeon.


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