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Many of us, in our eagerness to get started on the process of shifting to a new home, run around collecting vacant boxes via friends and abandoned boxes, but these packaging materials are sometimes broken, not strong enough, and not designed for the specific task at hand. Portland Movers provides the best furniture wrapping services.

  1. Disassemble First:

It is necessary to disassemble dressers along with other big items of furniture in advance since they cannot be moved through normal entrances or around narrow areas without being broken down beforehand. However, in order to make them easier to transport, the movers can disassemble them into smaller, more manageable pieces. Before they start taking anything apart, they photograph it first.

The movers will have a decent notion of how to reassemble your furniture if you provide them with this information. Also, make sure you are taking pictures at each of the stages of the breakdown. During the time that you are in the process of relocating, you will have a lot of things going through your head.

  1. Moving Blankets and Mattress Covers:

Furniture movers use blankets for moving, often called transit blankets, and mattress covers are a must for any move. They are big enough to enclose entire dining sets, bedroom sets and even a few sideboards. This will safeguard them against bumps and scrapes on the road. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and price ranges. All of these things can assist keep your furniture from banging up against the walls of your moving van or truck.

They are in handy for protecting your belongings while maneuvering them through narrow passages and up and down steep steps. They also use mattress protector in full, queen, or king size to protect your more substantial furniture. These will keep your mattress clean and dry during transport, a necessity if you’re moving.

  1. Bubble Wrapping:

Bubble wrap is useful for providing a further layer of safety for fragile things. Adding an additional layer of bubble wrapping on over of the plastic if you are concerned about scratches and other damage to wooden furniture. Furniture movers like Oakland Movers wrap the entire item with bubble wrap and tape it in place to protect it during transport.

  1. Using Pads for Wrapping:

Wrap your furniture securely with furniture pads to keep it in pristine condition. Old pads can be used, or you can buy or rent blankets designed for moving from a moving service company. Wrap the entire thing in one direction, beginning at one end. Be sure to wrap the item completely, including the top and bottom. Like when you are wrapping a present, you want to make sure that nothing is showing.

  1. Plastic Wrapping:

Plastic wrap is used to keep furniture covers in place, so grab a roll and start wrapping the furniture. Wrapping a sofa requires starting at a single arm and then working your way around the entire piece until you are back where you started. Use plastic wrap to secure the blankets or pads on each piece of furniture.

  1. Cardboard Covering:

Cover glass surfaces and the corners of desks, dressers and tables with cardboard, after furniture movers have wrapped the furniture, so you should add cardboard boxes to the corners. Put a few inches of cardboard boxes under the legs of furniture like dressers to prevent scratches.

Raise the remaining cardboard until it completely encases the item’s bottom. The cardboard can be bent to fit the curves of the furniture. Packing tape can help. Wooden furniture, including a dresser and desk, can have their corners protected in this way during relocation.

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