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Professional End of Tenancy cleaning Dublin work to restore the brand new look at homes. You can hire their services anytime. Homeowners often find it difficult to maintain impeccable cleanliness due to shortage of time. It takes a lot of time with all the mopping and wiping. Leave the job to professionals. Let them attend to the work with the latest equipments. All you have to do is to be sure of hiring a good service for the job. What are the different aspects that you should check? Look up the following checklist to make sure of hiring the best people. It usually costs within 200 Euros to get professional cleaning service.  

Expert Staffs

Do they adequately train their staff? Do they have insurance? Contact the customer service department via phone or the online fill-up form. Can you schedule a same-day appointment? All good services have different cleaning packages to choose from. You can opt for a regular job or for a deep cleaning. What is the difference? Clarify everything beforehand. Do they have friendly staffs who would take care of your home professionally. Can they clean the outside of the windows of a two storey building? Are they punctual and good at work? You should also clarify whether they use the most advanced vacuuming equipment. You can check the testimonials from satisfied customers. Ask if you can get phone numbers to verify the testimonials. 

Complete Care 

A regular surface job includes a thorough mopping of the floors, doors, and windows. Windows require special attention. They would be using a cleaning pole to wipe out the grime from the outer surface of highly-placed windows. The thorough cleanup also includes mirrors, and metallic fixtures in the bathroom or in the kitchen. However, a deep cleaning would also include full carpet wash and a special attention to the kitchen area. 

They would be wiping the refrigerator and the microwave inside out. Wastebaskets would be emptied and lined in order. As for mirrors, professionals work on them to deliver a streak-free finish. It includes a primary wiping with wet sponge, and then drying it with a piece of microfiber cloth. Finally, rubbing with a piece of white paper restores the brand new condition to the mirror. 

Cleaning companies do the carpet cleaning in stages. Do you know that many homes have a lingering stale odour that actually comes from the carpets? It essentially means that there is a germ buildup in the carpets, thus requiring immediate attention. First, a steam powered vacuum with good suction removes the dust and debris from the carpet surface. Next, they attend all the areas with stains with a strong detergent mix. It is left like that for an hour or so to allow the detergent to work on the stained portions. Finally, the steam powered vacuum is used again to remove all stains and give the carpet a refreshed look. 

Client Satisfaction

What happens if you are unhappy with the work? Do they provide a re-clean? It is an important aspect that you must clarify. However, a good service comes with cleanliness guarantee. There is seldom a scope for dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, do not leave anything to chances. If you opt for deep cleaning, see that you get it and not only a surface clean job. 

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