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Do you plan to change doors and windows in Aurora? Choosing and installing such products is one of the most difficult and expensive parts of the renovation.

In this article, we are going to figure out what affects the cost of windows and doors, and where they are most beneficial to order.

Replacement Windows Types and Their Cost Difference

The cost of the window depends on a chosen model, its size, color, type of glazing, grille, etc.

  • Casement windows

The most popular model is characterized by improved energy efficiency, safety, and ease of care. It combines well with other designs and looks good in traditional-style houses.

The sashes of these windows open outwards, so you can adjust the fresh air inflow as you need it.

The minimum cost is $250. On average, they cost $350, and the most expensive options can reach up to $650.

  • Awning windows

This model can be installed much higher than other designs. That is why they are often chosen for kitchens, bathrooms, attics, or rooms where it is important to maintain a higher level of privacy.

They provide excellent ventilation and, due to their design, allow to air the premises even during the rain.

The cheapest model costs at least $270, the best option is $350, and the most expensive is $670.

  • Single and Double Hung

Single-hung windows are often chosen by homeowners who want to preserve the architectural or historical style of their homes. Differences in floor height are relatively uncommon, but they do happen for one of several reasons. Perhaps the most common is due to a change in the underlying geometry of the ground underneath a building, which would necessitate a closer look at whether or not the foundation is sound. Otherwise, though, you might run into height differences whenever you put an addition onto a house or build an attachment between two varying structures. Hence flooring strips between rooms are important is all perspective.

They are somewhat cheaper than other models, more energy efficient (as there is only one sash moving), and easier to install.

The simplest option costs $220, and the most expensive is $620 and more.

Double-hung windows are a great option to provide maximum airflow with the ability to adjust it as you want. They can be slightly less energy-efficient than single-hung windows (because both vertical sashes are movable) but more convenient and versatile in operation.

For such a model you need to pay at least $230. The most expensive options cost $630 and higher.

  • Single and Double Sliders

Single sliders are very simple to operate. They have two window panes, one of them is mobile, while the other is locked into the frame.

The minimum cost of a single slider is $220, the average price is $300, and the maximum price is $620+.

Like a single slider, a double slider window has two sashes. However, both sashes can slide toward the other end of the frame. 

These products are perfect for homes with a modern minimalist design.

If you want to install this model, you need to allocate from $230 to $630. The average price is $350.

  • Ent Vent Sliding

This model features a fixed pane in the middle with a sliding and inward-tilting pane on either side. 

Due to its size and thin frame, it lets a lot of light into the house. The window has three sections, which can be of different sizes.

If you choose this window system, be ready to pay $230-630. Average cost is around $350.

  • Fixed Casement and Picture windows

Fixed Casement is the simplest type of sash window, which has the same elegant appearance but does not provide ventilation. They are installed to improve the appearance of the house, let more light into it or combine with other models.

The cheapest option costs $220, the better quality options can reach up to $620.

Picture window is another kind of fixed design. Unlike the previous type, picture window has a low-profile design and a small frame.

Starting price is $210. For the most expensive models you need to pay $610.

  • Basement windows

As you can guess from their name, such structures are often installed in the basement or semi-basement, where you need to let in more natural light and improve ventilation.

If this is the kind of design you want, be ready to pay $200-800+.

  • Bay and Bow windows

Bay windows are angular windows consisting of 3 panes. 

In turn, bow windows can have 4, 5, or even 6 panes, which give them a more rounded shape. They look good in the living rooms, and on the corners of the house, providing a two-way view.

In addition, this model is often installed in Victorian-style or tower-shaped houses.

Bay windows cost $1500-4500+, and bow ones – $2000-5000+.

Types of Exterior Doors and Their Cost Difference

To date, the following models of entrance doors are popular in the market:

  • Steel Entry Doors

Such products withstand the harshest weather conditions: severe cold, heat, or heavy rain. Moreover, they can have any design to fit your house perfectly. 

Steel doors are more common and generally more affordable, ranging from $650 to $5000+.

  • Fiberglass Doors

Such structures look like wooden doors but feature reliability, safety, and durability of steel products. In addition, fiberglass doors are practical and do not require any special maintenance.

The minimum cost of such products is $800. The most expensive door systems can reach up to $8,000 and more.

  • French Garden doors

It is a pair of doors equipped with large glass panels. Their price starts from $800 – and up to $4000+.

  • Sliding Patio Doors

They are made of glass panels that open horizontally. They do not open outwards, so they require less space. As a rule, they are installed in the courtyard, terrace, or garden

If this is the door system you want, be ready to pay $800-5000+.

Average Cost to Install Windows and Doors in Aurora, Ontario?

The cost of door and window structures installation depends on their design and installation features:

  1. Installing casement, awning, single and double hung, picture, fixed casement window, and ent vent sliding cost $160-200.
  2. For installation of the basement window you have to pay $100-300.
  3. Bay Windows cost $1500-2500.
  4. The most expensive is the installation of Bow windows: $3000-5000.
  5. To install all the above types of doors, you need to pay $ 800.

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