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We all know that WhatsApp is now one of the biggest social media platforms in today’s market. there are thousands of applications available but users need to trust every platform. The main reason is privacy because everybody wants privacy when they are using applications like these. Users love to use the WhatsApp platform only because of the privacy features offered by this platform. It is a very easy-to-use application that offers the best features for free. Now, this application is trusted by more than two billion users from all around the globe. And this is a very big number of users.

What is WhatsApp privacy features?

The privacy feature of WhatsApp is very strong and if you don’t know about it let us tell you about this feature. the privacy feature of WhatsApp means only you and the users who are talking to you can read and listen to the messages that you exchange with each other. there is nobody who can access that Conversation. and you do not need to do any changes in the setting of WhatsApp because it is automatically applied to every conversation that you are having with another person.

Why WhatsApp shows only one tick?

There are different types of ticks in WhatsApp let’s talk about them what are they and what are their functions. At the time when you send a message to anybody, it shows you only one grey tick. let us tell you what it means. If there is only one grey tick then the message is successfully sent to the user but they don’t read the messages yet. If there will be two blue ticks it means the user read the messages that you send, if you use GBWhatsApp you are able to hide the double tick as well as blue tick.

How long does WhatsApp status last?

 WhatsApp status is one of the very amazing features available on this platform. With the help of this feature, users can get detail about any contact that they are doing nowadays. But there are many limitations you must have to save the number of the person who wants to few your status on WhatsApp and that person also must save your number. There are different types of settings available in WhatsApp for status. For example, you can select the person with whom you want to show your status. The WhatsApp status lasts for 24 hours only. After 24 hours it will become disappear and nobody will be able to view that.

How much is WhatsApp secure?

The privacy features of the WhatsApp platform are very amazing. that is the main reason that uses do not hesitate to use this application. This is one of the most secure platforms that you can use to connect people. And after purchasing this platform Facebook add a lot of privacy and security features to this platform so that it can become more secure for all users. You can get an idea about the security that nobody can access your conversation only you and the opposite person can access that.

Who’s WhatsApp status I can see?

If you want to see somebody’s WhatsApp status then you must have their mobile number on your smartphone. There is no other way to view the WhatsApp status of anybody who is using WhatsApp. If the person is not saving a mobile number then you cannot see the status also. Both persons who want to see each other status must have to save their mobile numbers on each other smartphones.

How long can WhatsApp messages be deleted?

After sending the message to anybody you have two days in which you can delete that message. It is a very easy process because you just have to tap on that message and hold for a few seconds. After that, you just have to click on the delete from everybody option that will be shown on your screen. But if we are in a group then there will be permission to delete the message is only for the admin of that group. If you are a simple participant then you cannot delete the messages and Groups. You must have to become the admin then you will get the power to delete the messages.


How does WhatsApp encryption work?

This is a security feature of WhatsApp and nobody can read and access the conversations between two people. all of that is possible with the help of this process only. Every message that you sent to your friends is encrypted with your device so you do not need to worry about how to enable this. This is a very great feature that is launched by the WhatsApp platform team recently for more visit Gbmod.

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