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There is more competition nowadays than ever before. The challenge is not only your competitors but also the wide access to information available. This can be a sort of a double-edged sword.

While available information makes it easier for a potential customer is more likely to find and interact with your business, it also means consumers now are savvier. They do a comparison between products and scour the internet for reviews and experience of others who have bought it.

Although it is generally always a good idea to have positive reviews on your page, too many positive reviews can look very suspicious to any potential buyer. So, how can you deal with this? The answer is with a negative review strategy. Here is what it means and how it can help.

What Does a Negative Review Strategy Mean?

In essence, a negative review strategy would mean buying negative reviews against your product or page deliberately. At first glance, this might look very counterintuitive, but it works to give you a competitive advantage.

As mentioned earlier these can be somewhat of a double-edged sword. When implementing these strategies, you need to keep in mind the type of negative reviews you are using for your page and you must maintain a balance.

So, the idea being you would get negative reviews which makes you come off as more authentic. This in turn instills trust in your customer who may have otherwise may be pushed away from too many positive reviews that look fabricated.

Marketing and promotion in the new age is all about emotions and value. Coming off as more humane and authentic is a great competitive advantage to have.

You can even get positive reviews for your products and services as well. To enforce the point that your product/service is clearly better – a refreshing change from the traditional methods of promoting.

Why Negative Review Strategy Is A Must If You Want To Beat Your Competitors

The modern age of advertising has seen major changes in the past couple of years. Naturally, then there are many changes that have happened in business and marketing, changing the playing field completely.

The competition in the market is now fiercer. On average, a single consumer is bombarded with thousands of advertisements and there is a clear information overload. There is a lot of noise out there.

Now traditional marketing has changed and word of mouth and reviews are more influential in creating brand awareness and brand equity.

Your aim as a business is to build brand equity and take yourself out of the noise. Businesses now succeed by building trust– appeal to a customer’s emotional side.

One of the ways of doing that is through reviews. Reviews are seen as a trustworthy way of judging a product/service’s quality.

Just as good reviews establish sales and build brand value, a negative review therefore would do the opposite. Thus, you can use negative reviews to compete with your competitor by taking some counterintuitive measures.

According to a study done in 2017 on the factors that influence consumer decision, reviews came in 4th place in priority. Customers are trusting of reviews and pay significant heed to them.

A shocking 97% of consumers read reviews of the product they are going to buy. That is quite a big percentage to ignore, isn’t it?

89% of consumers have said that reviews are a crucial part of the purchase decision-making process but can come off as suspicious.

A negative review strategy therefore can come in very handy for creating trust and inject some authenticity when competing in a crowded marketplace.

Balancing positive and negative reviews thus creates a more believable brand and business which drives conversions and increases revenue.

What Are Some Of The Best Review Providers Online?

Starting off with this strategy is not actually as difficult as you might think. There are legitimate online entities that you can work with collaboratively to perfect this effective strategy. 

Organizations such as reviewswriters.com, for example, are a perfect example of competent providers of reviews. You can use the services which give constructive and well written authentic negative reviews for your page to achieve the goal of a more believable and a human brand.

Beware of inexperienced review providers though. They will create more harm than good. What you want is an experienced organization to work with for this strategy.

Once you have gotten the negative reviews, you can show your customer service prowess. Addressing those negative reviews positively and with a friendly attitude build further brand equity.


A negative review strategy can greatly increase customer trust and help build authenticity. With the help of professional review providers, you are well set on your way to higher sales figures and customer loyalty.

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