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The time has come when many people are considering personal trainers for their different fitness goals. With that in mind, they are also very versed with what they are supposed to check before they sign up for any fitness trainer program. One of the first things that your clients will look for is the certification. When any of them arrives, they would want to know whether you have the right documents and from respected personal trainer certification.

In a pool of many personal trainer certifications, you need to be very careful when you are choosing the best of them all. Make your partner and you will not regret. You want to practice this career and to do that perfectly, you should start by deciding which of the many organizations to choose. One of these organizations in the market today is NESTA. This organization offers more than 20 certifications that we are going to discuss here today.

You should first of all start by checking on the category you want. After this, you will just be required to register the course and complete your studies before you get the certificate. The organization gives certification in the below categories.

Nutrition and Behavior Coaching

NESTA is one of the best organizations out there that will offer the best nutrition and behavior coaching certifications today. For just $297, you are likely to learn about optimal nutrition and several other proven techniques to help you along the way. You will get all the knowledge about the behavioral and nutritional techniques that will help your clients increase energy and achieve optimal health. The clients will enjoy their ability to reduce dependence on the medications to achieve their fitness goals.

With the skills learnt, you will instantly increase job and career opportunities. The credentials are very popular a reason why you can always be sure your clients will be happy after seeing the certificates.

Group exercise

If you don’t just want to be a personal trainer but also a group trainer, this company is the best for your knowledge and certification. Bestowed with all the resources to give you 100% knowledge in group exercises and how to manage different aims and goals in fitness from different clients. The fact remains that you will see some people that wants to lose weights, others with medical reasons for fitness and some others coming to build their muscles. With the certifications and the knowledge you get from NESTA, this will be just a walkover.

It will be easier for you to learn how to teach group exercise classes in several formats. The course will cover how to teach effective warm ups and cardiorespiratory segment, body weight exercises and metabolic HIIT bursts. You just have to get the right knowledge to help your clients relax and cool down before and after exercises.


In every training program, yoga is a very important segment. With NESTA courses and certifications, you will have the right information on how to integrate Yoga movements into your one-in-one training with your clients. It can also be a good start for your group exercise classes or even programs. The company already has a program that is specifically designed for Yoga enthusiasts, personal trainers, yoga instructors and also wellness professionals. You just have to pay $275 and everything else will fall into place.

Sports Nutrition

When you think of becoming a personal trainer, think of sport coaching and sport nutrition specialty as a good venture. However, this will not be a reality if you don’t have the right certification. The organization has a specific course for people that wants to become sports trainers and coaches. Here, you learn all the basics about sport coaching and all the technics to make your client a top notch athlete. The course will give you an offer to learn ways of reducing the recovery time and also the time to enhance the overall well-being of the clients. All you have to do is enroll today for only $347.

Kid’s personal trainers

Are you planning to specialize on kid’s nutrition? If yes then there’s no better place to be than For only $177, you will get all the knowhow of reducing childhood obesity and also how to help children with diabetes and other chronic conditions.  You will learn all the principles her that you are sure you will always have to implement.

Additionally, the course teaches you how to make youth nutrition games and fun food choices and also how to overcome objections to certain food likes and dislikes.

Lifestyle weight management specialist

I already made it clear that there are many lines in this career and you are the one to make the decision on the type of specialization you need. After that, you will just get that From NESTA. Today, you can apply to be a Lifestyle Weight management specialist for only $127. Here, the program will give you all the knowledge you need to help your clients achieve their weight loss and weight management. There are many proven strategies that you can learn as a specialist to help them along the way perfectly.

Additionally, you will also learn how to detect and help your clients manage some of their weight gains. With food and weight loss activities, this will be easily achieved.


Understanding this can be very difficult especially to someone with little or no knowledge. It’s this simple, if you want to be a Biomechanics specialist, you can for as little as $359. The course will teach you everything about Biomechanics and also help you understand human movement and joint functions which can be very helpful in helping your clients.

The above are some of the ways that this company can help you get personal trainer certifications. There are many other certification you can get from them which can actually help you grow well in this career. So, don’t hesitate, join today and everything will fall into place from the first day.

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