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How NLP can help your business

A clear and concise description of natural language processing: A blog about what NLP is and how it is used in various applications.

You’ve heard of Artificial Intelligence, but you may not have heard of Natural Language Processing (NLP). This blog post will help learn about NLP and the applications that it has!

  • What is natural language processing?
  • Natural language processing in the real world 
  • How can you use NLP in your business?
  • Natural language processing resources


What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing involves using ML technology to analyze how people use language in text and speech. Based on the collected data, ML models classify all the components and can provide the answer about the general text inclination, like a positive or negative, report about adult content, signal the danger/emergency situation on the hotline phone conversations. 

Let’s go deeper into the components of language processing operations, which are necessary for text analysis.

  • Morphological and Lexical Analysis (here we need to analyze the lexicogrammas and morphological parts of the words).
  • Syntactic Analysis (understanding the meaning of the words).
  • Semantic Analysis (collection of similar words in short).
  • Discourse Integration (how the analyzed sentence affects the complete text).
  • Pragmatic Analysis (this method lets the researchers identify similarities in the speeches of different people and even any replicate the analysis of another scientist).

Using Natural Language Processing makes it possible to interact with machines in a way that’s similar to how humans interact with each other.


Natural language processing in the real world 

Siri, Alexa, Alisa, voice search, text-to-speech, and speech-to-text tools are attentive companions that help you with daily routines and respond to your questions, even without recognition, that these are NLP-based applications. They employ natural language processing to understand the context and deliver accurate answers.

Navigators call bots, virtual assistants are already integrated into the customer services by key players on the banking platforms, e-commerce, medical institutions, and insurance companies. It’s time for you to act. 


How can you use NLP in your business?

One of the initial steps for utilizing NLP could be an integration of a chatbot for your website or live chat.

New simple action: to add the button for representing the audio record of your blog posts instead of simple reading mode.

Advanced solution: to create intelligent assistants that help customers complete specific tasks such as scheduling an appointment or helping a buyer find a product based on the verbal description of necessary features or appearance.



We’re building a world with more natural conversations. Soon, you’ll be able to have small talk, joking with your computer. In most situations, computers still struggle to understand the way people speak. We’re changing that for the better, improving the NLP technologies and ML models every day. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel when working with NLP. Of course, you’ll want to innovate, but make sure you’re also applying an existing solution, the most popular is IBM Watson, Google Cloud NLP API, Aylien. Check when to choose the best and strengthen your business with advanced technologies. It’s time to act. 

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