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Portable Appliance Testing, also known as PAT, is required by the business owners, employers, landlords and other self-employed individuals to guarantee the safety of various portable appliances. It is not set in stone that pat testing must be done this often or after a certain amount of time has passed as different situations call for different measures. However, PAT testing must be done regularly to ensure preventive precautions. There are a few factors that should be considered to determine how often one needs to do the PAT testing.

  1. The most frequently used equipment must be tested more often as it is more likely to be damaged than the rest.
  2. Active reporting of any damages incurred by the equipment can help to prevent major hazards.
  3. The type of equipment to be tested largely determines its testing frequency. For example, handheld appliances are more likely to get damaged than stationary objects. Class 1 appliances have a greater risk of causing major hazards and thus, must be tested frequently.

Keeping the above points in mind, here are a few recommendations on the frequency of pat testing for various equipment.

  • Offices, Shops and Hotels

It is advisable to test the Class 1 equipment every 4 years. Portable equipment like extension leads should be tested every 2 years. Frequently used equipment, like handheld appliances, should be tested 12 months.

  • Schools

For the Class 1 equipment used in schools, pat testing should be done every 12 months. On the other hand, Class 2 equipment in schools should be tested every 4 years.

  • Public Use Equipment

Computers and other IT equipment are advised to be tested every 12 months. Portable and handheld equipment which falls into the Class 2 category can be tested every 12 months. Moveable, portable and handheld equipment which falls into Class 1 category can be tested every 6 months.

  • Construction

Pat testing for all of the 110V equipment used on construction sites should be done every 3 months.

  • Industrial

Commercial kitchens can hire pat testing services, like pat testing surrey, to test the portable and handheld equipment every 6 months. It is recommended to do the pat testing every 12 months for the IT, stationery as well as moveable equipment used on the industrial sites.

The purpose of PAT testing, similar to any other testing, is to maintain a safe environment for the employees and customers. Regular inspection of the equipment by an experienced person can help prevent hazards due to electric appliance failure. Furthermore, it is advisable to record the reports and findings of these tests as they may prove to be useful in the event of identification of a hazard. Familiarizing the employees with the things to observe in the general equipment and the process of reporting the faults can go a long way in full proofing the preventive measures.

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