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The car owners differ from each other. Some owners may wash and clean their cars daily or once in two days. But, some may let it not done until a major problem occurs.

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The experts say that maintaining and cleaning your car regularly will keep your car in excellent condition, appearance and also protecting its resale value. There are some best car care products available online or in the local market which you can make use to clean your car in a regular manner. Not only the outside look, but you should also give equal importance to your car’s interior. Let’s have a look at how and when should you clean your car’s interior.

To keep the car’s interior sparkling, you should clean it at least once a month. But it is recommended twice by the experts. Car detailing products will help you a lot to make your job done and here are some pieces of advice from the experts to clean your car interiors.

Start with vacuuming

When you start to clean your car’s interior with vacuum, you should start with the seats and other upper areas and not with the carpets. With the car care products in your hands, start cleaning the dashboards, seats, door panels and console with the vacuum. At last, you can now clean the carpet area.

The Door Parts

The important area which has to be considered in your car is the doorjamb. It is the area which connects the door with the body of the car. You can clean them gently with the car spray and microfiber towels to make the area looks great. You can also add some car detailing products like polish and oil to keep it away from getting dry.

The Window Parts

You would often roll down your windows for different purposes. When you roll down you might notice some line of grime towards the top. Don’t forget to clean those areas with a spray and microfiber towels to not see the grime again.

The Seats

As we said already, the seats should be cleaned before the ground part. Before starting to wash your seats, get the dirt off with a vacuum. For cloth seats, you can use spray cleaner with scrub brushes to get better performance. For leather or vinyl seats, there will be different car wash products like lotion based cleaner and you can make use of it to clean those.

Conclude with the Floor

After all other cleaning processes, now you can make your cleaning with floors. Start removing the mats and slide your seats to remove the dirt particles with a vacuum. Clean the mats with car wash products and dry it before returning it into your car.

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