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Online Mentoring

In recent years there has been a significant shift of many traditional practices to the online environment. Just as technology and the internet has given workplaces, schools and society more flexibility in the way we work and communicate, it has made online mentoring more accessible than ever before.

Much like any other online activity, online mentoring has garnered popularity as it removes the barrier of physical geography, removes the difficulty of finding a mentor to connect with and provides additional opportunities to connect with people you wouldn’t normally connect with.

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Even for mentorships that prefer to meet in person, there are often times and circumstances that make this difficult. The flexibility of online mentoring ensures that this relationship can continue to grow, no matter the obstacle.

Here is how online mentoring can enhance connections in today’s digital age.

The Benefits of Online Mentoring

Online mentoring is a structured, supportive relationship that assists individuals in developing their skills and habits to achieve their goals. Communication occurs through safe and secure online platforms and is further supported by a wide range of online resources and activities related to education, skills and career pathways.


The biggest benefit of online mentoring is the flexibility and accessibility it boasts. In the past, where individuals lived and worked would impact their access to mentoring as it was often difficult to find and connect with mentors.

Today, online mentoring makes it possible for individuals and small business to access their own forms of mentoring, without the need for large programs.


Boasting fewer limitations on location and travel, more and more people are able to get the help they need for personal and business success.

Without the need for travel, online mentoring makes it easy to schedule meetings and calls amidst a busy schedule. This allows you to connect and communicate with your mentor when you need it, wherever you are. 


The key to a successful mentorship is receiving advice from online mentors with different backgrounds who are able to provide you with a refreshed perspective.

Traditionally, mentoring has been limited to the programs offered by your work or educational institution. Individuals are able to tap into and connect with people across the globe, making it possible to connect with people with dramatically different views, ideas, experiences and opinions.

Effective Communication

Online mentoring offers all the tools needed on this journey. It provides a platform to chat, discuss and track progress, a place to access additional resources, set and complete goals as well as upload events and tasks.

With this structure, individuals are consciously engaged and invested in their mentorships, resulting in business and personal growth.

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