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waterproofing services in Islamabadwaterproofing services in Islamabad

Asphalt waterproofing materials are widely available as roof leakage waterproofing systems in the civil construction market. They are available in the form of blankets, paints, emulsions and alloys. Finally, the forms of presentation are diverse from one roof waterproofing company to other.

The procedures and recommended places for applying asphalt materials can also vary greatly. So, it is important to know some specific characteristics and make sure that the product will meet expectations.

The roof waterproofing services DHA with pitch and asphalt and bitumen emulsions are good options. It can generate some confusion and therefore it is good to understand the terms better. Find out more at

Waterproofing with pitch and asphalt materials by roof waterproofing company

First know some terms and meanings.

Bitumen: Bitumen is a substance obtained through the fractional distillation of crude oil.

As we know, there are different products we use from the distillation of petroleum. Other residues are such as wax and paraffin to gasoline and natural gas.

In the first stages of petroleum distillation, we get it. It is a viscous, dark substance with a strong and characteristic odor, with a high binding power and waterproofing properties.

The biggest use of bitumen is as a binder in other mixtures. The paving of streets, avenues and highways are the special use of the asphalt.

Pitch: Pitch is the name of liquid asphalt. But, people do not use it that way in technical terminology within engineering paving studies.

Pitch is a mixture of bitumen with other minerals, according to the need for application in each situation.

As waterproofing services in Islamabad, pitch is used in liquid form applied directly to the surface, usually in cross coats.

Asphalt Emulsion: Asphalt emulsion is the term given to mixtures used for waterproofing that are asphalt based.

The term emulsion refers to two substances that naturally do not mix. Therefore, the asphalt emulsion composes of the asphalt base products and dispersing agents.

This is a product widely favorable in the waterproofing of foundations, basement and also roofs.

Known for its high elasticity and flexibility.

Asphalt blanket is one of the most used waterproofing systems across the country.

Unlike the other products mentioned above, the blanket is available in pre-molded rolls and we apply it using a blowtorch.

The blanket uses products of asphalt origin as binders and structural reinforcement fabrics. It can include polyester or fiberglass most commonly.

What is pitch waterproofing from a roof waterproofing company?

Throughout the national territory there may happen differences in nomenclature and commercial terms.

Commercially speaking, waterproofing services in Lahore with tar is good for waterproofing wooden elements.

This type of seepage control is to prevent the rotting of the wooden elements. Of course, they are more subject to the action of moisture as they are organic materials.

Roof insulation with pitch forms a physical barrier that prevents water from coming into contact. The places with direct and constant water contact are good to consider this method.

These are critical points in roof leakage treatment. These warehouse waterproofing points are more subject to failure, mainly due to execution failures. For this, you should choose waterproofing specialist team for roof waterproofing in Pakistan. For More Details:




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