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There is a common saying that goes even a broken clock shows the correct time twice a day. For any casino player, there is always that day where things seem to align with you for a certain moment. It seems that the universe, the gods, and lady luck are in your favor. In such moments you start seeing that you are winning. With every move you make nothing seems to go wrong. However before the success goes to your head, do you know that the small wins could ultimately lead to your downfall while playing IDN poker. So how does winning become a bad thing?

  • Development of Complacency

What happens when you lose multiple games while playing IDN poker? Any poker player after multiple losses what happens is that they start becoming more careful with the next couple of stakes. So what happens when a poker player has a lucky streak of winning? Winning come with the opposite effect the poker player becomes more relaxed and complacency starts to kick in. The players forget to check on the small cues and changes in the game. In his head, he got this and he cannot lose.

This complacency is very common with poker beginners as any seasoned expert poker understands that the game can change at any time without any notice. For these new poker players who enjoy their favorite IDN poker tournament, they do enjoy their first winning. Their complacency leads to them making grave mistakes. At the end of the day instead of coming on top of the game, they end up losing a great deal of the money. The truth is that we need both losses and wins to make us pay close attention to the game.


  • Never getting to learn the right strategies


As mentioned earlier a dead clock is always right two times a day. The same line of thought can be applied to poker and playing casino games. There are certain situations whereby the use of wrong strategies makes us win. The use of the wrong strategies can be a good thing for a couple of moments especially if the trend does continue. However, it can lead to your downfall. What happens when these wrong strategies stopped working in your favor? You guess it right; you will lose a great deal of money. It has happened to most poker players especially new poker players. 

For new poker players especially after a series of wins, they do not want to learn the right strategies. Instead, they focus their attention on the strategies that work for them even if they are the wrong type of strategies. What does this lead? Ultimately without learning the right strategies it does lead to their ultimate frustration in the game. In some cases, the use of wrong strategies can lead to them losing their entire fortune.


  • Being overconfident


Having confidence while playing any casino games is great. It allows you to truly enjoy the game. However what happens after a series of wins? Some players get overconfident in their skills. Winning can indeed be intoxicating to some players. However, any professional casino player will tell you for free that never let your winnings get over your head. Overconfidence leads to great losses. Instead, when you do have wins instead of letting your wins get over your head it is vital to maintain a level head. Keeping your head in check will ensure that at the end of the gambling session you come out on top.


  • Victory Mirage


Players need to embrace similar conventions for managing large successes as they do with extreme misfortunes. To evade carelessness, learning some unacceptable exercises, or going on victor’s slant, they should figure out how to isolate themselves from the outcomes, and apply a cautious eye to how they play their hands rather than the aftereffects of the hands that they play. 

Instead of finding out if they are up or down, they should take a gander at the choices they made, and consider why they made them. 

Toward this end, it assists with having a poker conversation bunch where players submit hands and hand circumstances for conversation and investigation. Regardless of whether the player wound up winning or losing the hand or the general meeting gets insignificant, as it is their play all through the hand and meeting that is evaluated and investigated. 

As a functional matter, three different practices assist players with staying away from the impending dangers of winning: setting win cutoff points and time restrictions, and going on ordinary breaks. These practices may not be ideal for prepared players, however, they can be amazingly helpful for the individuals who are as yet figuring out how to reliably clutch their stacks. 


Every gambler understands the joy of winning, however, there is greater joy when you can come out of your gambling session with your wins. For every poker player, it is always important to come with an exit strategy even before overconfidence, victory mirage, complacency, and not learning the right strategies get the best of you. 

You can set a time limit while playing your favorite casino games. Also while playing the casino games at idn poker99 casino it is always important to take breaks. For instance after every 15 minutes of playing you can take a 10 minutes break to catch fresh air. With each break, you take to analyze your game. How are you fairing? Are you making any progress? Is it time to call it quits? 

All things considered, what we have discussed in the article are possible hazards related to winning. It’s indispensable that we know about those dangers and receives procedures for maintaining a strategic distance from them, in case we succumb to them. If you do keep away from them, then we can assure you that after your gambling session you will be able to walk away with most of your winnings.

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