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Social Champ Solves Major Problems

Running a digital agency is no joke. You have to handle a lot of conflicting demands from the clients. And the deadlines seem to pour in without any break.

However, the aspect that gets many of the agencies down is managing social media accounts for their clients. In addition to the number of profiles to manage, the clients often want to execute social media campaigns at the most inconvenient times.

Many digital marketing agencies often need some sort of automation to deal with this workload. For many agencies, automation is the way to reduce the pressure of mundane tasks to free up resources for creative thinking. 

Enters Social Champ

Social Champ is a social media automation platform designed for agencies and digital-focused businesses that want to focus on speeding up social media management, either for their own businesses or on behalf of the clients.

The tool comes with all the features agencies and businesses require to manage the social media accounts effectively and execute brilliant campaigns. Social Champ supports major social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. 

Here’s how Social Champ adds value for agencies, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Client Accounts Management 

Workspaces are perhaps the most critical feature of the tool because it simplifies the processes for agencies in particular. The feature groups all the client’s social media accounts at a single, easy-to-manage location. If you have a large team with individual members taking care of clients, the managers can also assign that team member to the workspace with appropriate rights. 

The content generated by the team members can go live directly, or the managers can review and approve the posts. 

Post Scheduling

With Social Champ, you get a great social media content calendar that presents a detailed view of the content scheduled for publication. The tool allows the agencies to post the same content across all social media accounts or customize the posts for each social network. 

Manually posting content to social media accounts could become a severe drag on the resources of any agency. Social Champ has a great Bulk Upload feature that uses a CSV file to schedule content for as long as six months so that you can plan and schedule campaigns ahead of time. 

Social Champ also allows the setting up collections that are essentially a group of related content that can be reused frequently (such as a quarterly promotion campaign) without redoing the whole campaign. 

 If the client has a website, Social Champ offers a powerful Auto-RSS feature that allows the agency to post website content directly to the client’s social media accounts. 

Team Management

Agencies often have multiple people working for various clients. A person can be in charge of one campaign and contribute to several others. Additionally, managers need to monitor everything in order to make sure everything is in order.  

Social Champ allows agency managers very granular control over how team members are assigned to each client. Each team member can be either an Author, Editor, or Administrator so that they can contribute to a campaign as the managers have planned. 


Analytics lies at the heart of the success of any social media marketing campaign. This is why managers place special emphasis on collecting and analysis of the analytics and related performance numbers. 

Social Champ collects analytics information for all supported platforms and presents information even for posts that were not posted through the Social Champ’s platform. The statistics can be downloaded as PDF files that can be white-labeled to include the agency’s logo and brand colors.

Chrome Extension & WordPress Plugin

WordPress has long been the CMS of choice for many agencies because of its huge footprint in terms of customization and development resources. That’s where the Social Champ’s WordPress plugin comes into the game. 

The plugin allows the website owners (or the agencies managing them) to directly post to the social media accounts right from the website. This means that as soon as the content goes live on the website, a post can be created and posted using the content from the post.

Social Champ Chrome extension works like any other well-built chrome extension and allows the users to post anything interesting they come across while browsing to their social accounts. 

Note that both these components require proper setup, including an active Social Champ full account.

How Agencies Can Benefit From Social Champ

For digital marketing agencies that handle social media accounts for their clients, Social Champ is an invaluable resource that simplifies workflows and allows the agency to manage the social presence of their clients better. 

The platform is built around a scheduling tool that covers end-to-end aspects of social media scheduling. With an option-rich composer that supports one-post-for-all or customizable posts for each social network, agencies can create some impressive content. The platform supports in-composer integrations for Crello and Wave Video ensures that each post unleashes a ton of creativity. The Hashtag Manager keeps a collection of frequently used hashtags that can be used within a post at a single click. 

Once the post has been drafted, it can be scheduled to go live or at a future date. The calendar view shows all live and scheduled posts. As a result, this feature offers a bird’ eye view of the ongoing campaigns.

Social Champ also presents detailed statistics for all supported networks and, as such, allows the managers to course-correct strategies and avoid issues that could derail the campaigns.

Other features include powerful Workspaces, Auto-RSS, collections that can be recycled, sentiment analysis for discovering that perfect tone for the post, and a robust team collaboration feature that allows the account owner to share access and permissions as they see fit.

Social Champ is built for performance at a great price. The agencies can try out the platform for seven days and then upgrade the account to one of the four plans to continue adding value to their social media management operations. 

Pricing Plans

Social Champ is super reasonably priced. The tool offers four comprehensive plans;

  • The professional plan offers 15 social accounts for $10 per month. 
  • The champ plan offers 25 social accounts for $26 per month. 
  • The business plan offers 50 social accounts for $99 per month. 
  • The agency plan offers 100 social accounts for $199 per month. 

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