Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
How The FC 24 Community Is Shaping Up The New Game

The game has a vocal community that has requested some changes. As a result, the development team took the players’ feedback into consideration and reacted accordingly. These updates have been on the players’ demand list. Let’s see how the developers responded. U7Buy has EA FC 24 coins at unbelievable prices! Visit the website and place an order now! The FC 24 player base is not a silent one. Browse U7buy for more FC news.

FC 24 Has an Updated Item Design

The design of FC 24 items is different from what we are used to from the last games. The new look is cleaner and allows more space for the players’ pictures. Some items have dynamic images. The new design also reflects the theme of the campaign in a better way. The update concerns all the cards that are part of the new FC 24 lineup. The shape of the items is now larger. The picture that shows the face of the player appears bigger. The portrait is clearer so you can better see the art in the background. The elements that show the club and the country of the player are now located at the bottom of the card. The stats are on a single line. The first owner status was added as well. The special cards, such as the In-Form items, are enhanced to stand out. The unique elements are more visible. Not all cards have static images anymore. The dynamic items feature animations.

Community-Requested FC 24 Icons Changes

Starting with the launch day, the Icon card will have one base version that will be in line with the Hero and normal cards. Special moments in the players’ careers will be highlighted by new Heroes and Icons that will be available from campaigns. The chemistry of the Icon cards is changing as well. Each card from this collection will have a new chemistry link to each league that is part of the squad. If you put two Icons on the team, that counts for two links. This means that you are getting at least one point for each league. This will add to the chemistry from the nation. FC 24 marks the debut of a new era where male and female footballers can be on the same team. The Icon selection will include legendary female players.

FC 24 Customization Items Improvements

Each time you obtain a new kit or tifo, you can manually equip them from the new items screen. These customization items will automatically fill the next free spot in your arena. If there is no slot available, one will be replaced. If you happen to obtain many duplicate cards that cannot be traded from a pack, you now have the chance to swap them in bulk with the version in your club that can be traded. Acceleration types are now part of the player’s bio.

FC 24 Is Doing Away With Position Modifiers

Position modifier consumables are no longer part of the new game. This will make things easier when you are building your team. Players can move cards around the team and they will automatically add chemistry for their main and alternative positions. You will benefit from this change in Squad Building Challenges and Draft modes. Another change that makes squad building easier is about the loan items. When you search the club for Squad Building Challenges, the loan items will not appear in the search anymore. Position searches have been changed as well. Both main and alternative positions are now in the default search. Players have the option to search based only on the main position. The transfer market will keep the old search system.

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