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How the Pandemic has changed the way we relax

We could all do with a little Zen right now; and since spending more time at home I’ve discovered that Essential Oil diffusers australia are just as much a decor statement as they are a self-care home essential. If you don’t have one yet, invest and buy essential oil diffuser online and experience the good benefits it can give to you and your family. What could be better than filling the air in your lounge room with a natural scent that helps you to unwind? Pandemic or not, we can all do with a little of that.

The goal of any good diffuser is to help you relax. Sometimes also called an aromatherapy diffuser, a diffuser does quite a few nifty things. It’s a cool mist humidifier, night light, and a gorgeous piece of room decor all-in-one. Most of them have several colour LED options that can be brightened or dimmed to your liking, and mist modes that can go all night or for a few hours. If you buy well, your diffuser will also shut off once the water runs out. Super easy to use, you add water, some of your favourite essential oils and you’re in business. I suppose the next question is what oils do you use?

I chatted with Ben Phillips from Australia’s oldest aromatherapy company, Buckley and Phillips, and he shared his pearls of wisdom with me. He tells me that when an aroma is inhaled the molecules enter the nose and are registered by olfactory nerve cells. These pass the information to the limbic brain. And it is the limbic system that deals with emotions, memories and stimulation. This explains why certain scents can trigger memories and influence our moods.

So how is this going to help us during trying times? Many essential oils are renowned for their ability to lift your mood, help you relax and improve your outlook on life. It’s very common that during periods of isolation and uncertainty, people may be experiencing feelings like anxiety, worry, frustration, lethargy, lack of focus, melancholy and the big one – loneliness. Frankincense is the ideal essential oil for all of these and when combined with Bergamot, Melissa, Rose or Grapefruit, make the perfect blend. Or why not try a pre blended pure essential oil? Buckley and Phillips Aromatics offer a blend called “Chill Out” which is ideal for emotional distress and worry.

So even if you’re self-isolating, it’s ok to take some ‘me’ time.

Ben shared with us his Gratitude Diffuser Recipe, a grounding and uplifting blend of essential oils that is perfect for maintaining a positive attitude and emotional balance.

  1. Add essential oils of Bergamot, Frankincense, Cypress and Ginger to a diffuser, vaporiser or oil burner.
  2. Gently scent your chosen environment, such as living, bedrooms or office spaces.

Isn’t that something we all can use right now?

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