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What is the bohemian style?

Revealed by the hippie movement, which appeared in the 1960s in the United States, the boho style has been marked by icons such as Jane Birkin or Janis Joplin. Scarf in the hair, round glasses, kimono with bat sleeves … The mythical look of the singer during the Woodstock festival reflected a new vision of fashion: a wild, colorful, and relaxed fashion. Check to find various options of stylish kimonos to choose from.

But over the years, the bohemian style has continued to evolve and girls reinvent it each season to stick to the new fashion trends. If it broke the codes in the sixties, the famous “boho” look changes but never loses its true DNA. For a trendy look and in the air of time, just choose the right pieces and the right associations. Our instructions for use.

3 fashion pieces to adopt for a bohemian look

  1. The boho fringed jacket

This fall-winter, the boho style returns to the forefront of the fashion scene and gives bangs their moment of glory. On a jacket or coat, the bangs invite themselves on the sleeves or in the back to give us a hippie chic touch. For a stylish look inspired by the seventies, the fringed jacket is chosen in brown suede and is worn with jeans and leather boots.

  1. The boho floral dress

No bohemian style without floral dresses! Whether long or short, the floral dress is one of those clothes that we take out every year from our wardrobe. This fall-winter, we wear it with opaque tights, high leather boots and a camel trench coat. To emphasize its silhouette, we do not hesitate to belt it at the waist!

  1. The boho long skirt

To have a bohemian style, you can adopt the long skirt! Printed with flowers, it will give you this typical “boho” look of the seventies but you can choose it plain and pleated to be right in the trend of the moment. Find the perfect boho skirt for you. Match it with you personnality, your outfit and you style. As for the color, black or burgundy will be ideal for a chic and modern look.The boho skirt is a central element of the boho style. We can either wear a beautiful boho dress or a bohemian skirt it only depends on you !

The main materials of the bohemian style

The bohemian style is often synonymous with comfort and natural. Indeed, we find natural materials such as linen or cotton, but also more chic fabrics like lace. Finally, crochet or jeans are also part of the essential materials of the bohemian style.

The suede

The flagship material of the bohemian style, suede invites itself into our wardrobe to bring a little retro touch to our look! The most classic piece remains the famous fringed jacket, but suede is also trendy on a bag or a pair of boots. As for the colors, we prefer black or camel.

The jeans

It is partly thanks to the hippie movement that jeans are now part of these timeless materials that we wear for sure every year. Ultra casual, the denim jacket is mixed with white flared dresses and long skirts printed with flowers. Popularized in the 70’s, high waisted jeans – white or raw – also adapt to the bohemian style.

The lace

On the neckline of a dress or the sleeves of a blouse, lace offers you the guarantee of a boho-chic look right in the trend of the moment. These are small details that will bring softness and romanticism to your outfit and will make all the difference! However, be careful with the choice of color, we prefer white or unbleached lace that fits better with the bohemian style.

The crochet

The crochet – preferably white – is also part of the flagship materials of the bohemian style. Needless to say that the crochet is declined in many clothes: dress, shorts, skirt, kimono, tank top … You won’t have any trouble finding the piece of your dreams for a perfect bohemian look for the lawns of Coachella! Creating a customized bohemian-inspired attire using crochet can be a fun and creative project. Check out Mary Maxim to choose a collection of yarns with colors that resonate with your personal bohemian style.

Accessories for a bohemian look

The bandana

Bohemian to the max, the bandana is the accessory you need for the ultimate boho look. If the bandana in the hair is probably the most common way to wear this fashion piece both rock and hippie, it can also be worn as a top, around the neck or tied to the wrist.

Ethnic jewelry

Any bohemian outfit is accessorized with jewelry. And the more there is, the better it is! We choose them of ethnic style, in silver or in aged metal and encrusted with turquoise stones. Bracelets, necklaces, rings … One does not hesitate to accumulate them around the neck or the wrists.

The sunglasses

To be worn more in summer than in winter, sunglasses are part of the accessories to adopt for a bohemian and vintage style. You will have the choice between two models: round or XXL sunglasses that will perfectly complete your outfit.

The rattan handbag

In interior design, rattan is the “trendy” material of the moment. But we don’t only like it in decoration, we also appreciate it in fashion and more particularly worn as a handbag! The rattan handbag is chosen round with a wooden handle to keep the side “nature” of the bohemian style.

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