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Most people spend most of their time in the office, in regular 9 to 5 jobs.

While the offices your employees share with one another are primarily places of work, the well-being of your employees should also be taken into account when furnishing the workplace.

According to techpally editor, office furnishings have a decisive influence on the employees’ wellbeing, efficiency, enthusiasm to work, and productivity, and thus advise to replace your old furniture with contemporary office furniture.

Especially your office reception furniture, it should be of modern design as it’s a centre of attraction.

Nevertheless, many business owners make mistakes when choosing office furniture, which can have serious consequences on the overall performance of the staff.

Common mistakes in furniture arrangement in the office and correction

  •         Putting desk in front of the window, or near the window

This is probably the most common furnishing mistake in the office. Unfortunately, in many companies, the desk is always placed directly in front of the window.

The employees sit either with their faces facing the window or their backs to the window.

Both sitting position have disadvantages and a negative effect on working on the computer screen.

However, if the employees can look outside from their desks, firstly there is a risk of distraction and secondly, the employee is exposed to a high-contrast situation for hours.

The extreme light-dark differences, which pose challenges to the human eye and vision, can lead to headaches and eye irritation.

It is also far worse when employees have to work on the screen with their back to the window.

When the weather is bright, the sun’s rays dazzle the monitor and make working on the monitor hurt the eyes.

The result is often dry and watery eyes. In the case of constant headaches and exhaustion, the cause is often the incorrect placement of the office desk.

 The desk should always be next to the window. It is best if the desk is at right angles to the office window.

The right arrangement of the desks can create optimal lighting conditions.

Ideally, employees sit next to the window and have a view of the entire room.

  •         Using a desk that is too small for office work

A desk that is too small quickly causes space problems.

If the office table is too small, the documents will pile up and a smooth workflow will be difficult.

The minimum dimensions of 160 x 80 centimeters is recommended for an office table.

The computer monitor should be centered on the table to create enough space for files, work materials, and other gadgets.

There should be enough space under the table to put your legs.

  •         Using a glass Table

A glass table is simply not suitable as office desk. The reason for this is the light reflections, which subconsciously distract and minimize work performance.

Even heavy documents such as files and books are not safe on a glass table and can damage the tabletop if they accidentally fall over.

  •         Not putting plants in the office

Indoor plants are perfect for increasing humidity. Natural plants should not be missing in any office because they create a good indoor climate and filter pollutants from the air.

Making the office natural as much as possible contributes to the improvement in the working atmosphere and reduces the negative effects of long working days.

Symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, overworked airways, and dry eyes can be minimized with well-thought-out office planting.

Plants promote psychological well-being and increase motivation. The selection of suitable office plants should be done collectively by the workers, and allergy sufferers should also be taken into consideration.


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