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How to we call someone’s style the best? How does someone choose a particular style or how
do they decide to follow a particular style? Is it the season or the generation that influences
someone with the way they dress?
Over the years we have seen so many modification with just one particular style. With the
scarfs, pants, tops and even jewellery. In the 90s style was all about over doing it with bright
colours, fancy bands, head gears and heels. Everything was about showing off everything
you’ve got in your wardrobe!
Things change and so does style!
From being the talk of the town to a diva, the world has seen it all. Today when we look at
style or fashion, everything is about minimalism. Heard about the saying – Less is More? And
that’s how 2019 works when it comes to carrying style like a boss.
When we talk about how to be more stylist, it cuts down to 4 main categories. To know about
it, read below:
When we talk about layering, it doesn’t mean carrying everything you have in your wardrobe
and put it on your body. That’s not really what it means. Layering simply defines to picking
about the right outfit including top, jeans, shoes, jackets, jewellery whether they are altogether
or just a single set. What we mean is – if you have a set of jewelling, trying layering with the
jewellery, with 3 – 4 chains or 4 rings. But you if you want to experiment layering with
everything you’ve got, don’t hesitate but don’t make yourself look like a joker but chic and yet
Let’s take a simple example of layering and see if you can pull this off. Carry your basic black
top, a beige coat with a black legging ankle length and a pair of 3 layer chain with box heels
and a small purse. Well there, you’re good to go! Check out the women dress online store for
more ideas on layering and picks the ones that fir your perfectly.
We all think that colours are not important. But the first thing that people notice when they see
you are the colours on you. Experimenting with colours is the ultimate fun. Black is sexy and
fits everywhere perfectly but what else can you choose with black or apart from black. Try
some new colours this season. Check on the women dress online store and see if you can pull
off a mustard and red printed dress this season. We are you can!
Talking about colours – keep the colours subtle, simple and yet interesting. Try some light
spark to your all dark outfit. Try something dark or printed to your all light outfit. Play with
colours, reflect them to your personalities.
Accessories can never go wrong. Whether it’s a ring or a hand band. Overdoing your
accessories is a complete NO NO! Accessories are your pride and carry it with the best one
you have. Like above try layering your accessories and try them on various coloured outfits.
Accessories cannot be avoided and cannot be ignored when worn.
This 2019, accessories are making a statement and we are sure you don’t want to be missed out
What are you wearing a particular dress for? What’s the occasion? Is it formal or more on a
casual side? Knowing the idea or the occasion of the wear, you’ll be able to carry the piece of
statement for the occasion. Know where you are going and make sure to experiment with your
style and leave a statement. The women dress online store is your perfect place for ideas for
your wear.
2019 – a year to know what you really want to wear or carry along. Anything that makes you
look comfortable is your style statement.

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