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Have you ever wondered if you could be even more successful at work? Maybe you’d like a promotion, a raise, a change of employer or the step into self-employment that has been floating around in your head for some time.

You have quite a few ideas and still dreams that you want to achieve professionally, but somehow the further success does not seem to work so far. One possible problem: you are not realizing your potential.

These are the most varied and most effective tips for success – guaranteed to mean something for everyone.

Success tips: Which factors influence success?

Why are others more successful than you? At some point, everyone comes to a point where they deal with this question. With friends and colleagues, the career seems to be picking up speed somehow, while you yourself feel like you’re treading water. There is no single recipe for success that could guarantee that you will definitely succeed according to a certain pattern.

The meaning of success is always something individual: private happiness, financial security, career progress. The way to become successful is just as individual. From a professional point of view, a whole range of factors play a role. These are five properties for you that can favor success.

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1- Ambition

Successful people are often willing to work harder than many others. With strong will, great commitment and ambition, they succeed in leaving their competition behind.

No matter which work you are doing, learning is always a good idea. You can improve your task management, handling of information and even your communication skills.

This does not mean to take a lot of time during your week. Why not try to learn a new language during your holidays? For example, if you are going to Spain, you can take some classes in a Spanish school Barcelona.

2- Patience

Success is not something you can achieve from one moment to the next. Successful people know that setbacks and frustration are also part of the way. Instead of being stopped, they patiently keep an eye on the long-term goal and continue to work towards it.

3- Self-confidence

It sounds very simple, but you can see a lot of self-confidence in many successful people. They believe in themselves, in the skills that they bring with them and in the success that they will achieve sooner or later with these skills.

4- Communication skills

This does not only mean that successful people are good speakers. They are just as good listeners and observers. They consciously perceive their environment and also notice the things that are not said. With this talent for communication, they create the basis for a successful future with respect and trust.

5- Passion

Only those who enjoy what they do and can be proud of it can be successful. Those who do their work with passion and dedication will achieve the best possible result and keep improving. However, if passion is lacking, motivation will quickly decrease.

But don’t worry: Even if you have not been born with each of these characteristics, you can still be more successful. On the one hand, many of the points can be learned, on the other hand, it is not always just about doing something additional, but rather about eliminating behaviors that stand in the way of success.

These two tips show you how you can have more success in your job:

●    Trust your own skills

Perhaps the most important unwritten law and an essential tip for success: only if you believe in yourself and your own abilities can you convince other people. A simple example: If you do not believe that your presentation is excellent, how should this impression come across to the customer?

If you want to be successful, you always have to trust that you have the necessary skills. Otherwise, you will be overtaken by other colleagues who may be less capable but have the right attitude.

●    Don’t be afraid to make a mistake

Again and again one hears that mistakes mean a step backwards on the career ladder and that they should be avoided if possible. However, the opposite is often true. Of course, you shouldn’t stumble from one mistake to the next every day. But without one or the other misstep it is often only done on the spot.

A lot can be learned from a mistake and done better in the future. Therefore, do not become overly cautious, but remain ready to take one or two risks. Sometimes only the step out of the comfort zone can be helpful.

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