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high ticket closer

If you want to become a high ticket closer, you need to understand the requirements and the skill set that is needed for this job. While there are online courses and programs that can help you become a high ticket closer, they are not always honest or transparent. The skills that you need as a high ticket closer are specific to the industry and require a unique skill set.


A high ticket closer’s job is one that requires a great deal of empathy. They must understand the prospects’ needs and desires, as well as those that they haven’t stated. A stellar high ticket closer will listen and ask the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.

The ideal high ticket closer has a passion for sales and a deep understanding of the business. Those who lack this experience are at a distinct disadvantage in this field. While they may have a great deal of experience in other fields, they can’t count on that to qualify them for this position. In fact, 99% of people with no sales experience fail to close a sale.

Unlike other sales roles, high ticket closers have a unique selling style. Instead of talking down to clients, they use a consultative approach to make them more comfortable with making a purchase. This approach allows them to ask deep questions that lead to a purchase decision.


A high ticket closer is someone who is capable of closing sales deals and is known for their sales skills. They can work from anywhere and can make a huge salary. They can work whenever their clients are awake. Their job involves inbound calling and are responsible for closing deals. The salary for a high ticket closer is usually over $100,000.

A high ticket closer usually has a higher level of expertise than a typical salesperson. This is because they deal with business people, and they need a deep knowledge of business to make the sale. These jobs typically require many phone calls and multiple meetings. They can also be more challenging than a typical sales position, since the salesperson must work a lot harder to close these large deals.

Work from home option

As a high ticket closer, your job is to close deals on high-ticket items. This type of job requires more communication and selling skills than your typical salesperson. It can also be a very flexible work from home job, because you are able to choose your clients and work from home whenever you want. A high ticket closer can be self-employed and work when and where it is convenient for you.

If you’re looking for a job that pays well, a high ticket closer job may be perfect for you. This type of job requires a passion for sales and a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of customer service. If you have no sales experience, you are at a serious disadvantage. You’ll need to be able to listen to customers and be able to persuade them to buy. You’ll also be working with people from around the world, so having great people skills will be of great help.


In order to be successful as a high ticket closer, you need to have an insatiable appetite for success. A high ticket closer sees his or her work as an art and will not settle for anything less than the best. He or she will push past their comfort zones and push to a new level of performance even if doing so is not financially advantageous.

A high ticket closer must have a sales mindset and be highly organized. This means creating a pre-sales routine and developing habits that will ensure success. A high ticket closer is a highly organized, methodical person who works hard to accomplish every task in a timely and efficient manner. Instead of winging it, a high ticket closer plans each step of the sales process and sticks to it. They work with other members of the sales team and coordinate with marketing professionals to qualify leads.


If you want a job as a high ticket closer, you must have a keen sense of sales. Salespeople who know how to close a sale must be organized, do their research, and have a pre-sales routine. Developing these habits is vital to success. Salespeople who succeed know what they’re doing before the sale, and never wing it.

A high ticket closer must listen carefully to the concerns of the prospect. Often, this involves asking questions and engaging with the prospect through text or direct messages. In order to close a sale, the high ticket closer needs to understand a prospect’s pain points, aspirations, and goals. An excellent high ticket closer will ask the right questions and get to the heart of the issue.

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