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No one ever said being a workplace leader was easy.  Managers and bosses today must walk a fine line between creating positive relationships with lower-level staff while simultaneously getting the work done efficiently and well.

Sounds complicated, right?  Though it may be challenging, effective leadership is well within grasp.  Here are a few of our top tips to increase your leadership skills starting today.

  1. Treat Your Employees with Respect: The best leaders are neither too hard nor too soft on their team.

True leaders are strong but not demanding.  In fact, they expect respect from their staff and always give it back.  In other words, great leaders create team environments in which respectful treatment and communication is promoted and encouraged.

  1. Walk the Walk: Great leaders lead by example.  Don’t just take on the work you want to do and pass off the rest to your staff.  Unfortunately too many bosses will use their leadership position to their advantage by abusing its inherent power.  They may show up late and leave early, unload all the challenging tasks onto the most competent staff members, and practice poor communication skills.

If you want to be a true leader, work the way you would like your employees to.  Show them the right attitude every day.

  1. Set Clear Goals:  If you’ve noticed a repeating theme here, you’re right on the money.  Clear communication is an essential skill of effective leaders, and one hugely important aspect of this is in setting clear goals.

Ideal leaders explain goals with clarity.  They make sure their team knows what they are working towards, why, and how to get there.  In addition, they are more than happy to answer questions.

  1. Forget “My Way or the Highway” Approaches: No employee wants to work for a tyrant.  You hired your team because they are the best people to get the job done.  Don’t you think they may have some great ideas you might not have thought of yourself?

Leadership isn’t just about giving orders.  Listening is essential if you want to be effective in your role.  Truly strong leaders love to incorporate their employees’ best ideas.

It’s hard to lead well.  Yet, by incorporating these strategies, you’re far more likely to build a strong team that works smoothly to reach company goalposts.

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