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If any time you face difficulties in starting your chainsaw or it’s working weirdly during the operation then you need to check for its ignition coil to make sure that it is working correctly. The ignition coil helps to run your chainsaw.

When the electronic current passes through the ignition coil it transmits electricity to the spark plug of the chainsaw. When the electricity is transmitted it creates a spark in the spark plug and the spark ignites the fuel inside the engine which allows the chainsaw to run or start. If you want to test your ignition coil, it will require minimal tools and you can test it at your home itself. But remember to switch off the ignition switch to prevent you from any accident that running can possibly cause.

Here are some steps to help you in testing the chainsaw coil:

  • Before you start your testing make sure to wear full protective gear such as protective eyeglasses and protective hand gloves. Now remove the cover of your chainsaw by unscrewing every screw that holds the cover to the chainsaw. After you remove the top cover, you will find the spark plug inside. Try to find the rubber boot covering the spark plug and remove it by pulling it away.
  • You need to find an appropriate socket where you can fix the spark plug and attach it to a socket wrench. There are some chainsaws that come along a different type of spark plug wrench, you can use that too. Now move the socket wrench counterclockwise to unscrew the spark plug and detach it completely.
  • Now attach the spark plug boot again so that you can lose out on the spark plug. Just be careful while grabbing the boot and ensure no contact with the spark plug. If you see the spark plug, the tip of it contains an electrode that generates electricity. You need to find a metal surface and then press the electrode tip of the spark plug against the metal surface.
  • Now switch on the chainsaw’s ignition switch and try to pull the starter cord of the chainsaw quick and harder. Now check for the spark on the location where you have placed the electorate of the spark plug against the metal surface. If you see the spark means the ignition coil is working properly, but if there is no spark then you need to replace your ignition coil.

You can test the chainsaw coil by your own self if you follow these steps but before that, you will need to have knowledge about the chainsaw and its ignition coil. Well, most of the two-cycle engines like chainsaw use the recoil starter and ignition coil to start the instrument. You may have noticed that if the ignition coil of the chainsaw fails to work then it will prevent your chainsaw from getting started as it does not allow the spark plug to operate.

It will take near to 15 minutes to test your spark plug to find out the problem in your ignition coil.

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