Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
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What strategies do you use to improve your digital marketing? What methods do you use? Have you ever invested in digital marketing apps and services? What tools do you usually apply?  What is the best online service helping you in the process of marketing?

Do you try email finders and email testers? What about the tools that find the phone numbers of companies and businesses? Which one do you use? I as a digital  marketer, almost every day, use these gadgets especially email finder and tester.

An email finder finds the emails of companies or individuals based on companies’ names. I have found a new service which like an email finder uses the companies’ names to find the contacts of companies. This service finds the domains of companies based on companies’ names.

In other words it gets a company name and converts it to company website address or domain. The process is completed in seconds and with no latency. That is Company URL Finder.

Like the email finders that have bulk services, Company URL Finder also can find the website addresses of bulks of companies in real time. The lists of companies’ names must be uploaded in an excel file in CUF and the results can be downloaded after a few seconds reliably and accurately.

Company URL Finder has the most comprehensive databases of companies’ names and domains so almost the whole provided data is correct and real. It guarantees to collect real and valid results in seconds.

CUF services

Company URL Finder finds the LinkedIn profiles of companies and businesses. LinkedIn has turned to a perfect source of business data full of companies’ information.

You can upload lists of companies’ names in Company URL Finder to be converted to companies LinkedIn profiles. The number of companies in your list is not important, ten or thousands, there is no difference. Convert Company Name to Domain.

Company URL Finder also converts companies’ domains and emails to companies’ names. Just upload lists of companies’ emails and domains in Company URL Finder to get companies’ names.

CUF advantages!

  • It has the most comprehensive databases of companies’ emails, domains, names and LinkedIn profiles. They are all checked completely and also search engines are checked in real time to find the correct and valid results.
  • The results are checked and verified so almost over 98% of them are true and valid.
  • Company URL finder is a fast service in which changing companies’ names to domains happens in the shortest possible time and within seconds.
  • It has four different services. One of them finds the domains of companies based on names. Another one finds the LinkedIn pages of companies based on names. Also it has services to convert companies’ emails and domains to companies’ names in real time.
  • Bulk services of Company URL Finder are ready to convert hundreds or thousands of names to website domains and LinkedIn profiles. The lists of names must be uploaded in an excel file to be converted to companies’ domains.

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