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Many women dream of having a functional, versatile handbag collection made up of quality luxury pieces that they love. But where do you get started? How do you know which bags to include? Read on to hear our advice! 

Some Tips to Choose the Right Bags

  •     Choose lines that are always in fashion. This is a better bet than bags that are highly trendy. A simple black handbag can last in your closet longer than a trendy fluro bag.
  •     Select quality over quantity, if your budget is twenty low-cost bags or one luxury bag, the luxury bag is always going to be the better choice. 
  •     Neutral colours aren’t just black, white or tan. Navy blue, browns and colour combinations still count as neutrals, so don’t think you’re limited by opting out of trends.
  •     Always align your purchases with your individual personal style. If you’re the type of person to dress up every day in a classy style, you probably would prefer fancier leather bags, and if you’re more of a casual person there are canvas and suede bags on the market. 

How Do You Start Building?

The below is just one way to build your collection, and although all these bags may not be your favourites, you can substitute them for something similar that you like more. 

  1.     Get an everyday tote: start with a spacious, quality tote bag. These are timeless, and functional and can be used for work and play. 
  2. A cute crossbody: these are great for hands-free days where you don’t need to carry around as much, and are perfect for when you need to be on the go all day long. 
  3. A classy clutch: luxury clutch bags are necessary for very formal events, whether they be for work or for weddings and the like. When you buy luxury, you’re getting something that elevates your evening looks. 
  4. Travel bag to go: a well-designed, spacious getaway bag is perfect for your next holiday, work trip or even to take to the gym with you. With durability and casual or business looks available, you can match your bag to your needs easily. 
  5. Extra colourful bag: a pop of colour is always welcome in every wardrobe, to lift the mood in colder seasons or catch eyes in warmer seasons. 

When it comes time to actually start buying these bags to make up your collection, you should shop at Louis Vuitton and get the best bag out there, every time.

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