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We all know that sciatic nerve pain is extremely common during pregnancy. The majority of pregnant women experience at least one episode of sciatic pain throughout the pregnancy journey. Unfortunately, the pain in the nerve that branches off of your spinal cord in your lower back, also known as sciatica, is another annoying ache for which women look for remedies.

The mother goes through a lot of physiological changes while she is pregnant. It is important to make healthy decisions during this time. Thus, the importance of healthy nutrition during pregnancy period cannot be overemphasized.

Sciatica can develop during pregnancy if your developing baby and increasing uterus strain on your sciatic nerve, which can result in inflammation, irritation, and pain. Sciatica is more likely to occur in the later phase of pregnancy as your baby grows larger.

In this post, you’ll read how women can reduce the sciatic nerve pain that occurs during pregnancy. Keep reading without distraction.

Cause Of Nerve Pain

You might wonder what causes this pain during pregnancy. So, the concentration of the hormone ‘relaxin’ rises throughout the pregnancy period. By loosening ligaments and enlarging your hips, this hormone aids in preparing your pelvis for birthing.

During pregnancy, the center of gravity moves as your belly expands and your ligaments loosen, which can irritate or compress the sciatic nerve. The extra pressure on your pelvis and hip joints caused by your baby’s weight can also contribute to SI joint problems or piriformis syndrome.

Your baby’s position can also put pressure on your sciatic nerve. Thus, it is advised to always call your doctor or medical expert if you are concerned about the nerve pain.

Ways To Ease Sciatic Pain

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatments are usually used to treat sciatica. Your chiropractor can lessen sciatic nerve compression by realigning your vertebrae and placing everything back in its proper place.

Sciatic pain ends when the compression stops. Repeated sessions might be required to maintain good spinal alignment because your posture is continually changing.

Prenatal Massage

Massage is always a solution for people suffering from pain. And this joy reaches a whole new level during pregnancy especially when you’re suffering from sciatic pain. It is strongly advised to get regular deep tissue massages when pregnant.

If you’re someone looking for a prenatal massage near Greenpoint, then consider getting in touch with clinical massage experts at PRESS Modern Massage. Each session will be deeply satisfying and tailored to the issues you wish to address.

Physical Exercise

Osteopathy, exercise therapy, and many other types of physical therapy are all possible forms of treatment. By lowering inflammation, enhancing blood flow, and realigning muscles and joints, it helps lessen sciatica pain.

A certified physical counselor can work one-on-one with you to ensure you carry out the movements correctly and securely in addition to suggesting exercises for you to practice at home.


It should not be surprising that a prenatal yoga practice can ease sciatic nerve pain given the many verified and well-known advantages of yoga for the mind and body. Yoga can realign your body and ease nerve compression, much like physical therapy and chiropractic care.

However, it must be emphasized that yoga during pregnancy can be risky due to the loosened ligaments. Therefore, working with a pro is recommended.

Get Massage to Ease Pain

Your sciatic nerve is prone to swelling and pain, and a little massage across the lower region of your back will help. It is recommended to visit a licensed clinical massage therapist with expertise in prenatal massages. Many spas even provide unique mom-to-be massages to aid with the aches and pains of pregnancy while also ensuring the safety of both you and the unborn child.

Tennis balls can also be used to massage yourself at home. You can roll out the tension if you’re early in your pregnancy by lying on your back with the tennis ball under your lower back. It is advised that you perform this while seated in a chair as your pregnancy advances.

Overall, it could be tempting to start using these alternative treatments right away if you’re in a lot of pain. But it’s crucial to consistently seek advice from your clinical experts.

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