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Every woman or girl wants a unique and beautiful clothing style, which reflects her personality and makes her feel comfortable all day long. When you think of the clothing style for Muslim women, you immediately think of the hijab and the different hijabs style that are available.

Fashion brands with fashionable and at the same time chaste clothing for Muslim women are on the rise. Islamic dress no longer has to be boring and ugly. This is proven by beauty with millions of admirers. When she appears on a TV screen, her fans rush to the store to buy the same clothes, including her hijab. Her influence extends deep into the wallet.

Headscarves today come in a variety of colors and styles, which sometimes makes it difficult – especially for beginners – to find their own identity and style.

Tips to find your style:

  1. Get inspiration

Take a look around at how other Muslim women put on their headscarves. Which style do you like, which one you don’t?

  1. Step by step

Ask a sister to do it. There are plenty of sisters who will happily do this.

  1. Experiment

Buy different types of headscarves (scarves) and experiment with them. Take your time for this and you don’t have to find your style the same day.

Different colors of Hijab to choose from:

There are a number of basic colors that are always good, namely the universal colors. These colors are with all types, you can never go wrong with this. Wear them as a base color and combine with the colors that suit you best as an accent. Therefore, these colors never go out of “fashion”. The colors which are always right or Universal includes Black, Blue, Brown, and Gray. You may also choose nude universal colors like the tangerine, Clear yellow tones, Clear shades of red, caramel, Peach, Ocher yellow, and Old pink.

Depending on the skin tone colors of hijab could be chosen as Bright red, Grey blue, Gray-brown, Pine green, soft turquoise, Taupe, and Marine for warm skin tone.

Beauty in modesty

This religious garment is now also a fashion statement as well. Instead of classic mono-colored hijabs in one piece, women are given endless possibilities to combine. Straight pants have a high waist, which is flattering for the figure but is not tight around the body. Long pleated skirts or dresses only reveal a faint silhouette of curves.

I understand better than anyone that it is not only the appearance th

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