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How to Check Canara Bank Account Balance

Canara Bank is one of the biggest banks that is operating in India. Recently on 1st April 2020, the bank becomes even more strong. That is because the Canara Bank was merged with the Syndicate Bank. This means those people who had bank accounts in Syndicate are now considered as the account holder of the Canara Bank. But for those who held the bank account in Canara Bank will not face any kind of difficulties. You can continue using the account as you used it before. If you want to know how you can check Canara Bank account balance. Then you can do that after reading this article.

We have explained the ways by following which you can get to know the amount of balance that is remaining in your Canara Bank account. There were days when we had to personally visit the home branch of our bank to check the balance. We had to carry our bank passbook with us and get it printed. That was the only way we had to know the bank account balance. But things have changed a lot and the Indian Banking System has taken a huge leap in terms of the technology.

These days the banks in India are offering us services like internet banking, mobile banking, missed call banking, and debit cards. All these things can be used by the bank customers to check the account balance. But all these services also sound outdated.

How to Check Canara Bank Account Balance?

Thinking how?

That is when the UPI comes into the picture. UPI or the Unified Payment Interface is one of the world-class banking technology. And UPI can be used to send money, receive money as well as you can check your bank account balance.

There are many apps that are running on the UPI platform. All those apps can be used to check Canara Bank account balance.

In this guide, we have mentioned multiple ways which will help you to check the account balance.

Ways to Check Canara Bank Account Balance

As we have already discussed that there are multiple ways to check balance. Here they are, we have listed them below.

  • Using your ATM cum Debit Card.
  • Online using Internet Banking.
  • On your, Smartphone Using the Official Mobile Banking Application.
  • By calling the Customer Care of the bank.
  • Using the Bank Passbook.
  • And UPI.

Checking Account Balance using ATM Card

To check your Canara Bank account balance by using your ATM Card, you first have to find an ATM Center near your location. You can use any ATM machine, I mean even if the machine is not owned by Canara Bank.

Did I confuse you?

Let me clear the clouds for you.

If you have a State Bank of India ATM machine in your near. Then you can use that machine also even when it is owned by SBI. All the ATM machines in India accept the cards issued by all the banks.

Go to the ATM center, insert your ATM card into the machine. Wait till the machine reads your chip-based card. Then the machine will ask you to enter your ATM PIN Number.

After entering your ATM PIN Number, select Balance Enquiry from the ATM machine screen. You can choose if you want to view the balance on the screen of the machine or you need a printed receipt.

Checking Account Balance Using Internet Banking

You can check the remaining balance in your bank account using the internet banking service. To do this you have to visit the official website of the bank.

Head towards the Net Banking Portal of the Canara Bank. Enter your Username and Password. You will be taken to your User Homepage. If you have multiple bank accounts in Canara Bank then you have to choose the bank account. Once you have chosen the bank account the remaining amount of balance will be displayed to you on the screen.

Checking Account Balance Using Mobile Banking

This is one of the handiest methods to check your Canara Bank Account Balance. To do this you have to first download and install the official mobile banking application.

Once you have installed it continue to log in by entering your Username and the MPIN. The balance remaining in your bank account will be displayed right on your screen in the dashboard of the mobile banking application.

Checking Account Balance by Calling the Customer Care

If you don’t want to use the ATM Card, Internet Banking, or Mobile Banking then you can still check your balance. All you have to do is call the customer care of the bank.

Call them on 1800 425 0018 and use the IVR options to check the balance. If you are unable to check your balance with the help of IVR then you can talk with the executive of the bank over the call.

Checking Account Balance with Bank Passbook

This is the oldest method to check your bank account balance. But this method still exists. All you have to do is go to the bank with your bank passbook and get it printed with your new transactions.

You can see your account balance mentioned besides the last transaction that is printed in your bank passbook.

There are two methods to get your bank passbook printed.

The first one is by standing in the queue at your home branch for the counter to print the passbook.

And the second method is using the automatic passbook printing machines which are usually placed at the branches and also Canara Bank ATM centers.

Checking Account Balance with UPI

While the bank passbook is the oldest method to check the balance this is the latest method to do it. There are many UPI applications which are available in India these days.

PhonePe, PayTM, and Google Pay are some of the major players in the UPI space. What you have to do is download and install any of these apps.

Signup for an account (register) and add your bank account to the app by initiating the account adding process. This can be done by using the Add Bank Account Option in the UPI app.

Once you have successfully added the account you will be able to check the remaining account balance in your Canara Bank Account.

This method not only works for those who hold the bank account in Canara Bank. Even if you have an account in any other banks like SBI, Axis Bank, IDFC FIRST Bank, etc. you can use this method.

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