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Cryptocurrency Exchange

There are online platforms that provide you with the services to buy, sell or trade-in cryptocurrencies; these online platforms are known as cryptocurrency exchanges. All the cryptocurrency exchanges are not the same. Various cryptocurrency exchanges differ from each other in their types, may have multiple features, and also different in terms of security measures provided to the users. If you want to invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you must go to the bitcoin buyer app website and become a member of it. 

Each kind of cryptocurrency exchange is suitable for a specific set of users, gratifying their requirements. Let’s understand what the various types of cryptocurrency exchange platform are and which one suits your needs the most:

Forms of Exchanges


The forms of exchanges allow their users to transact in Bitcoin directly through the platform. Your transactions through these platforms get processed instantly. This is the best form of exchange in case you are fresher for investing in cryptocurrencies. This form mostly requires its users to provide their personal information in order to create an account for carrying out the transactions. 

Full Trading Platform

Full trading platforms are the platforms that facilitate a large number of users to operate simultaneously and make exchanges with one another, similar to stock markets. The operators use to order books in order to match the deals of buying and selling. The big trading platforms in the market provide various other features to their users, like margin trading, customizable graphs, and some particular types of orders, etc. If you are a fresher and have just begun to trade in cryptocurrency, you might not require these features. Hence, these features are not beneficial for new users.

Peer to Peer Platforms

These are the platforms commonly known as P2P; these are preferred by the users who like to keep high privacy for their accounts over all the other features provided by the exchanges. These facilitate its users with one-to-one trading where the prices for the transaction and its mode can be decided by both the parties involved in the transaction in parallel. A number of these platforms are based on location, and these will help its users to find out the other traders. You will have well-protected privacy features available on these platforms, but here you yourself will be responsible for securing the funds involved. 

Functions and Features of Crypto Exchanges


Regardless of your trading experience, the most significant factor while choosing an exchange to trade is whether the exchange provides you with all the facilities you require to perform your required transactions.  There are various combinations of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies facilitated by separate exchanges, various different languages, and diverse geographical areas that are being served. The customers from the US must take care of this factor as there are various exchanges that don’t accept customers from a few states of the US.


As you can keep yourself anonymous while carrying out transactions in cryptocurrencies, it is a wild west for many users. This is becoming a prime feature to be provided by the exchanges as now more governments are keeping their eyes on cryptocurrencies. More regulations are being implied on the dealing in cryptocurrencies. Still, it is possible to hide your identity while transacting. 

Trading Features

If you are a beginner in cryptocurrency trading, the simple the exchange is, the easier it becomes for you to understand and transact. Only if you are an experienced investor who knows and understands the working of the cryptocurrency industry will require a platform that provides a large number of features like margin trading and order types that are advances etc.


There are a variety of fee structures depending upon the targeted user types prepared by each platform. For those who prefer day trading, high charges are not preferred for individual transactions, whereas if you plan to purchase some coin and save it for future purposes, charges are hardly your concern. Charges are the primary concern for those users who wish to trade more frequently. You need to take a look at all the applicable charges. Some exchanges will charge you higher for making fiat currency deposits but might charge you low for transacting between the coins. 

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