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The selection of paintings is huge, including animals, landscapes, portraits, paintings by famous artists and much more. The paintings are divided into parts, the parts are numbered and they should be decorated according to the same number that is on the paint. At first, parents bought paintings by numbers for their children, but now this hobby is also loved by adults.

Well-known art critics and art fans claim that drawing by numbers has nothing to do with art. Artists have been painting their masterpieces for years, putting their soul into it, waiting for inspiration. To draw a picture by numbers, you only need a little perseverance and interest. But despite this, such paintings look like real masterpieces. And since true art is expensive, many who buy such paintings decorate them and then they become a decoration at home. Such decor can be proudly shown to guests, as there is nothing more valuable than handmade.

To date, many shops have been opened where you can buy absolutely everything for your favorite hobby. At first glance, you might think that they differ only in pictures, but this is not the case at all.

The difference of paintings by numbers:

Paints. This is the main difference. It can be acrylic and oil. The most common acrylic paint. Firstly, it dries quickly, which allows it not to spread over neighboring colors. And secondly, it happens both in tubes and in jars. The best option is to store the paint in tubes, so it is stored longer.

The basis for the paint . In any case, it is pure white, numbered with numbers. Depending on the paint used, the base material is selected. It can be cardboard or canvas. Only cardboard does not give the effect of a “real picture”, and the canvas is already primed and stretched on the frame, it allows you to create a masterpiece and hang it on the wall.

If you are new to this business, then we recommend starting with small light paintings first. There are several coloring methods.

• Top – down method . Start decorating the picture from above and slowly go down. Firstly, it will help you not to smear the already drawn elements with your sleeve, and secondly, when you finish painting the picture, the top will be almost dry.

• From the center to the edges . As a rule, in all large paintings, the main element is in the middle. Start with it and it will help you highlight the main thing.

• From light elements to dark ones . It is always easier to fix some irregularities by painting a light color with a dark one. But not the other way around. That is why it is worth painting the light parts first, and then the dark ones.

• From large parts to smaller ones . If you paint over the large details first, and then the small ones, it will help you get rid of stains and blunders.

The cost of paintings varies from 100 to 2 thousand pounds. It depends on the quality of the paint, the canvas and the size of the painting. Their choice is so great that you can choose for every taste and prosperity. Someone is trying to order them through an online store, which turns out to be significantly cheaper.

The sets of paintings themselves are the same in their content. They include: canvas, sample, paints, brushes, wall mounts.

They differ in the level of complexity.

• First and second level . These are paintings for children. As a rule, they have several colors, one simple pattern. And even a child can do it in a few days.

• Third level . 70% of the canvas is made up of parts from 2 to 3 centimeters. Such pictures are drawn in a few weeks.

• The fourth level . 70% of the canvas is occupied by medium details from 0.7 to one centimeter. There are usually up to 30 different colors in the set. Such pictures are drawn for about three weeks.

• Fifth level . 70% of the canvas is occupied by small details up to 0.5 cm. There are 35 paints in the set. Such pictures are painted for a long time. About a month.

Scientists have proven that paintings by numbers have a positive effect on a person. Children develop creative skills, imagination, spatial thinking, as well as fine motor skills. This process has a calming effect on adults, helps to relieve stress, be alone with yourself, with your thoughts.

The finished painting is a real masterpiece made with your own hands. They can decorate a house or give it to someone. When we see the finished paintings, we feel proud and it doesn’t matter at all to us to know what the art critics will think..

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