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Over the last few decades, China has become the manufacturing hub of the world, with its factories producing a wide range of products at a low cost. Since raw material or product cost form a large part of the expenses, businesses of all sizes are interested in finding one or more low cost suppliers from China. While there are a large number of Chinese companies listed online, most of the Chinese are not very proficient in English, due to which communication can be a problem. Hence most businesses prefer to use the services of a China product sourcing agent in Auckland to find the products they require from China at a reasonable price.

Though there are a large number of sourcing agents, businesses would like to get the best deal possible. They want a China sourcing agent who will get high-quality products at a good price while charging a low commission or fee. Some tips on how to choose a product sourcing agent in China are provided, to help businesses find the right sourcing agent who will save the business time and money. One of the factors is the location of the sourcing agent. It is always better for New Zealand businesses to hire a sourcing agent who has a office or is based in New Zealand like TK Wang, so that the buyer can meet the agent personally if required.

Another factor which should be considered is the background of the sourcing agent, whether he is familiar with Chinese companies, language and culture. Most New Zealand companies are not proficient in Chinese, so it is better to hire the services of a sourcing agent who is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English. This will eliminate the cost of hiring a translator and also ensure that there is no misunderstanding or confusion. A sourcing agent who has lived in China for some years of his life will be preferred, since he is familiar with the Chinese culture and lifestyle.

Though there are many trade portals with a large number of Chinese companies supplying a wide range of products, it is usually difficult for a business buying from them to find out the quality of the product, and reliability, whether the products will be delivered as promised. Hence it is important to find out the number of verified manufacturers and suppliers which the sourcing agent has in his database. Ideally a sourcing agent should have at least one thousand manufacturers in his database, so that he can quickly get a quote for a wide range of products from reliable and high quality manufacturers, without spending time on verification.


It is also advisable to use the services of a sourcing agent who has some years of experience in sourcing products from China, and can provide testimonials from his satisfied clients who have used his services. While helping his clients procure the products they require, the experienced sourcing agent will also have streamlined the process to get the products they require quickly . This will help the business get a quote from suitable suppliers, negotiate and finalize the order, check the quality of the product and ensure that the product is delivered according to the agreed schedule.

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