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This article presents how to choose and use a good packaging pouch with a zipper.

Mostly, the custom stand up pouches have to tamper evident features which shows that the package has been tempered. The most common use is a tear strip which secures the content until it is removed by the original user. 

Packaging pouches applications range from food to medical and electronic devices. Fil style is the next packaging considerations. There are a number of companies that supply stand-up pouches or we can say there are many stand up pouch wholesale service are available , but it is good thinking to find a supplier of pouch which has supplementary expertise and experience in package designing of liquid. Several pitfalls can occur if pouches are produced for liquids and an experienced supplier will have the knowledge about dealing with these pitfalls.

Right standup pouch selection is not difficult but is demanding an understanding of the appropriate size and characters which you want in the final product. The standup pouches secure the content inside, make it stand on its own on the surface, helps in saving time and cost, organizing one’s kitchen, and saving space.

1. ​Check Dimensions:

Firstly, there is a need to choose the exact size of the pouch. Once done, it will help to narrow down your search for packages. Next, you have to focus on packaging material type, thickness, and other pouch features. While sizing, two things need to be kept in mind: a list of pouch sizes should be done withering, gusset order. So, from the third dimension, one can get to know that the pouch will be having a gusset. For determining gusset size, the pouch needs to be opened on its side to be measured on the pouch bottom in order to get an exact measurement. An important point must be taken into account here that there is a difference between the listed size of the pouch and actual space which is fillable. For example, a pouch with 6X8 dimensions will not necessarily fit in a pouch of measurement 5X8. So, it must be tested with the real product first.

Other pouch characteristics like seal dimensions, hang holes, Ziplock closures, and tear notches are also included in the packaging’s overall dimensions and have an impact on overall fillable space. The pouch part below the zipper is the fillable space that extends to the pouch’s bottom.

2. How are Pouches Filled?

It is also an important decision to decide how to fill the pouch, either it is filled by hand or filled by automation. This way of filling pouches will have an impact on the size, thickness, and packaging material being used. This is because the automatic filling force is more than the force of hands, so it should be ensured that the machine’s pressure will not damage the pouch while filling

3. Check Volume

The product volume is very important when the right pouch size is to be chosen. For example, 8 ounces of granola takes more volume than 8 ounces of vitamin pills. Bulky items need a pouch of full size to adjust extra volume, so it is unnecessary to test the product in a number of dimensions before buying.

4. Do Try This Once

To evaluate your choices made till now, and to get a starting sizing point, you can do it yourself either in the kitchen or pantry. Firstly, a pouch is to be found having a similar kind of product in it. Next, this pouch needs to be emptied and filled with your product to get to know the size of the bag you need. In the same way, a grocery store can also be visited, and a relevant pouch can be purchased for your product, and it can be tried by filling it with your material.

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