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Choose Materials For Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen design should be aesthetic as well as functional. As much as there is a need for it to be a functional space, it is equally necessary that we orient our kitchen spaces to have a soothing vibe that allows collaborative activities. 

Many factors are responsible for creating a sense of beauty and balance in the kitchen spaces. Choosing the right materials also accounts for an important factor that helps in creating a palette that suits the homeowners. So, when you hit the search bar with tile stores near me you need to consider certain factors before selecting the materials for your kitchen decor. Since designing a certain space has to speak about the user group, their personalities like and dislikes, therefore materials are a crucial factor to consider.  

Here are a few of our favourite picks of a diverse range of materials available in kitchen backsplash tiles. The list covers all the important materials, so the next time you look out for ‘tile stores near me’ and visit one, you have comprehensive know-how in the world of backsplash tiles. 

  • Synthetic Compacts

There is a wide range of synthetic compacts available in the market. They combine the aesthetics of natural stone material with acrylic and polymers to create a homogenous plane. There is no requirement for any additional joints. 

The ease of availability is also another important factor that makes it a staple in many homes. They are available in a wide range of diverse materials and types. 

  • Glass Backsplash Tiles

Glass Backsplash tiles have been popular for decades now. The core reason behind it is their gorgeous look and feel which allows your kitchen spaces to look dynamic. Glass as a material creates a sense of depth due to their reflective nature. 

Tempered glass is the most lightweight option to go for. It is approximately 5 – 6 mm thick and is considered a great choice for kitchen backsplashes due to its elegance, clean and sleek look. It also favours the reflection of light which is an ideal solution for kitchen spaces that are compact. Although, it is slightly more expensive than other glass types. 

Lacquered glass is another type that is ideal for cladding purposes in the cooking areas. It is used widely and the reason is, its affordability and ease to use. The only demerit about this glass type is that it is easily breakable. 

  • Stainless Steel

While you search for tile stores near me, you must’ve noticed the frequent mention of steel as a material for backsplash tiles. What makes steel so diverse is a purely practical take. Steel is cost-friendly, easy to use and maintain, this makes it a highly used material. Although steel might have thorough practical advantages, it does not necessarily fit the aesthetic group. 

  • Subway Tiles 

Subway tiles have been a kitchen backsplash staple since the early 1940s. They were named after the famous subways in the city of New York, where these tiles are seen even now. As years passed, they started being a part of every household in the upstate which created a global craze for these tiles. 

Subway tiles are still a trending phenomenon and are found in many homes even now. Before these were only available in the colour white, but nowadays they’re available in a wide range of colour combinations from pop colours to pastels. With an endless list of options for these aesthetic tiles, they have become a timeless piece. They are usually available in the dimension of 3 x 6 inch and are usually placed in a horizontal orientation. 

The vintage touch of these eccentric pieces is what adds real grandeur to space. 

  • Natural Stone

 Natural stone like granite, slate, marble which is generally used for countertops is also a great material for kitchen backsplashes as well. The installation of these stones is complicated as the material is heavy and needs to be cut in a precise dimension. There is a need to have skilled labour on board as well. 

Marble is one of the widely used stones to create kitchen backsplash tiles. It is known for its exclusivity and distinction which adds a natural as well as a soothing touch to your space. 

  • Mosaic Tiles

Every time one searches for tile stores near me, mosaic tiles are a common image that comes to one’s mind. They date back to ancient times, where they were used as wall art or in the water bodies, etc. Spain has many architectural marvels that are created through an intricate inlay of mosaic tiles all over the city’s historic pieces.

Even today, the timelessness of this material and richness has made it an integral element of home decor. They can be used in innovative ways for your kitchen backsplashes. 

  • Treated Wood

A versatile and timeless material, wood accentuates any space it resides in. When treated with varnishes it gets a sliding and glossy finish that gives it a clean look. 

You can pair your wooden backsplash tiles with a subtle backdrop of white or pastel to highlight the surface more. 

  • Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain is a high-end material and is more expensive than normal tiles. They have a harder glaze and have a lesser tendency to absorb water vapour. This makes them perfect for the kitchen spaces. They are available in a wide range of variety and finishes. 

To make your kitchen spaces look more luxurious you can pair your porcelain backsplash tiles with a marble countertop

 We hope this comprehensive list is your go-to solution for the next time you are on a search for “tiles near me”!

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