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Choosing appealing painting colors for your living room is very important. When going to make a decision about which color to go for your living room, there are various things that come to your mind. You know that it is a place you will entertain your guests, it is a place you will be relaxing in after a tiring day, and most importantly, you will end up spending a lot of time in that space.

Therefore, house painter in Sydney and Castle Hill usually want to choose a color scheme that will be both calming and eye-catching. it can make your waiting room more comfortable.   

In this write-up, we take you through the different colors you can consider to make your living room cozy and comfortable for the family. 

Modern Grays and Whites

Although industrial, it creates the warm feeling in your living room.

Surprised, right? Many interior designers agree that white is the famed color of the year for your living room. Although many people deemed white walls as boring, the perception is currently changing and the calmness and serenity associated with it is notable.

  • White and Grays to look out for:
  • Benjamin Moore Gray Cashhmere
  • Sherwin Williams Modern Gray
  • Pratt and Lambert Noble Grey
  • Sherwin Williams Alabaster
  • Sherwin Williams Shoji White
  • Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray
  • Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
  • Benjamin Moore Collingwood
  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
  • Benjamin Moore Moonshine
  • Benjamin Moore Edgecombe Gray

One thing about white color is that it is extremely versatile. The color matches many different styles and designs of furniture in your living room. Therefore, if you feel like your interior design taste is changing over time, you need not to worry about changing the white colors you already have.

Again, it is a giving color. With the help of yellow lighting, you can make it warmer. Matched with monochromatic accessories and white lighting, it can also help you control your living room color scheme. Also check for AC Repair Kennesaw GA.

White color is the perfect choice for anyone who is are undecided regarding the final color style they desire for their home.

If you are after the currently elegant and trendy modern look, modern grays is the color choice you should consider. This is the trend this year. The modern gray will have people thinking you have white walls but it will be only you who will know what you have.

The modern gray is a modern style that breaks away from the traditional solid whites that you have lived to know.

Soft Muted Neutrals

It creates a soothing, mid-century living/dining room experience.

Neutrals never phase out, but in 2021, we are going away from the beige and gray. Some sparkling eye-catching colors you should look out for include mint green, hazelnut, golden yellow, and mushroom.

Try the following neutral shades, you won’t regret.

  • Benjamin Moore Potters Clay
  • Farrow & Ball Old White No.4
  • Sherwin Williams They Call It Mellow

If you are looking for continuous color throughout your home, then neutral color is what you should look out for. With this color, you won’t be restricted on the type of furniture you need to buy. They add on the feeling of coziness when compared to an all-white color.

Neutral tones which are a bit warmer are perfect for contemporary farmhouse styles. Colder ones will give you the impression of mid-century designs and aesthetics.

Sharp Blanks

Theatrical Art-Deco Living Room

Modern home painters and designers are not shifting away from the darker colors. You may have seen home ceilings with charcoal-like colors. A modern living room color which Benjamin Moore advocates is Blue Danube.

Look out for this dark colors for living room:

  • Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black
  • Sherwin Williams Jasper
  • Sherwin Williams Naval
  • Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze
  • Benjamin Moore Amazon Soil
  • Benjamin Moore Silhouette

Just like the classic neutral colors, the dark ones match perfectly with the yellows and creams bring the warmer feel. On the other hand, combine with the whites and greys, we achieve the frostbite look.

From this, you can conclude that homeowners are continuously becoming daring when choosing their living room color design. Years back, it was unthinkable to tryout black and dull colors on your living room, but with changing modern designs, we can see different designers experimenting.

The results are very pleasing!

Dark blues, blacks, or even greens are good choices to choose from for an excellent living room modernization.

Earthy Pinks & Rich Reds

Paint Color for a Blush Pink Living Room.

In the next few years, be sure to experience an increased used on blush tones in many modern living rooms. Blushing pinks, light lavenders, soft creams, and many others are coming back.

The colors are a perfect alternative to your classic beige or whites. The airy and soft tones are flattering to all your spaces and can match other colors pretty well.

Look out for these pinks and red to light up your living room:

Farrow & Ball Dead Salmon

Farrow & Ball Preference Red

Sherwin Williams Antiquarian Brown

Sherwin Williams Canyon Clay

Benjamin Moore Potters Clay

Benjamin Moore Rosy Peach

This is another perfect choice for anyone that likes the monochromatic paint color scheme that can be applied across the whole home. We have seen blushing tones taking over in modern glam, bolo-style, and the traditional-modern living rooms.

Soft Greens

Green paint color for your living room.

While the standing colors this year are daring and bold, there is still notable taste for those that like a muted appearance. Some little green is very good especially if you spend a lot of time indoors.

Look out for this green colors for your living room:

  • Sherwin Williams Rosemary
  • Sherwin Williams Oakmoss
  • Farrow & Ball Sap Green

If your taste is a strong color, you may want to consider Olive green. It is a perfect color combo for those with the mid-century tastes but still have a thing for a natural feeling. Green colors are and calming and comes with the feeling of serenity.

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These are the two most sought feelings when it comes to living room color design. Green is at all times a phenomenal wall color you can consider.

Calming and Soothing Blues

Blue Living room color ideas.

Blue colors are difficult to phase out. They are adaptable, timeless, and very soothing to stay around. It is one of the best ways to unleash that color pop to your living room – eye-catching blue shades, ranging from the soft ones to the daring ones.

The favorite blue colors to watch out for:

  • Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue
  • Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal
  • Sherwin Williams Wishful Blue
  • Sherwin Williams Commodore
  • Sherwin Williams Great Falls

These colors are expressive while at the same time eliciting a feeling of complete elegance. A soothing blue shade can effortlessly move you to some different place in no time. It feels like you are flying on a plan.

While we like to be relaxed, we also like to be surprised and excited. Blue colors unleash that feeling. The living room with blue colors assumes the traditional living rooms and boutiques cues while at the same time rocking moodier blue hues. 


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