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Choosing a shower faucet for homeowners is a struggle. Shower faucet must be aesthetic and functional with a modern touch. But often we choose faucets that are unnecessarily pompous but do not do its duty correctly. Or it is maybe functional but does not work for you. For avoiding this kind of experiences we have come up with an ultimate guide on how to choose the best shower faucet. You might want to consider plenty of factors but the outcome will only amaze you.

Choices of material

Even if your budget is not high enough still look for the best quality material. Get a simple shower faucet without great features but do not compromise on the material. Because with shower faucet material you get what you pay. Solid brass gives the best durability and classic look. For cheaper options go for copper, iron, and aluminum.

Choice of the right shower valve

After the material there comes the shower valve. It is on the plumbing part which controls the water flow of the shower tap. You cannot see the shower valve but it is crucial in the control section. There are thermostatic shower valve and manual shower valve. Thermostatic turn off if there is a rise or fall in the water temperature. And the manual one is a Do It Yourself. So the choice is yours if you want to get more control over the flow of water.

Choice of configuration

While looking for shower faucets you will get different options of shower tap and bathtub faucet. For shower taps, there are five categories to choose from.Those are single-head spray shower heads, dual shower heads, multiple shower heads, body sprays and rain shower head systems. Each name is self-explanatory as they work as their names. Choose one of those that feels comfortable for your shower.

Choices of Accessories

There will be loads of choices on shower faucet accessories. Some are important some are not so important. Here are the options you can choose from.


Diverters are must-have for the shower faucet. It’s located on the spout that activates shower head by pulling it upward.

Hand showers

Hand showers make rinsing so much easy. Whether you are washing off shampoo or giving a bath to your dog it’s worth the investment. Keep a place for a hand shower and never regret it.

Anti-scald valves

A sudden burst of hot water can cause an extreme case of skin burn while you enjoy a hot water bath. The best shower faucet that you choose must have the anti-scald valve so that it protects you from scalding hot water. Also when someone flushes the toilet in the house cold water comes in the shower faucet. The anti-scald valve maintains both hot and cold temperatures and balances that.

Pressure balancing valves

When the temperature suddenly drops from hot to cold that is not a pleasant feeling. The pressure balancing valve will maintain that balance so that you do not face such discomfort.

Choose something practical

From the overwhelming options, it is easy to lose control and go overboard with a shower faucet. But at the end of the day, you are the one who will end up with the shower faucet. So make sure whatever you are getting matches your need. You have to enjoy the shower experience. And that is not necessarily with extravagant shower faucet features. Give attention to those shower faucets that give better performance with hard to reach areas, rigid for years and practical. And that’s how you will be able to get most of the investment you made on the shower faucet.

Final thoughts

We tried to shed light on the things that you must consider before buying a shower faucet. It’s a shortlist on things that you should emphasize more. But no way is this the only guide you should follow for buying the shower faucet. We hope that it helped you to know more about selecting shower faucets.

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